Tuesday, October 06, 2009


My my...3 weeks. Sad. Well not really, its not like NOTHING has been going on around here, its really been pretty crazy. School started, a couple high school football games, the State Fair, a Disney show, a Black Crowes concert, a roadie and another State Fair, we Wii'd...well...i guess the best way to do this is pictures.
My niece's husband is the Old Ball Coach in 2A Lexington. He's starting his third year there. Just so you all know, this was a pretty big game against 3A Purcell. Big rivalry...no, Huge...in high school terms. These two towns are separated by a river and a bridge. This game's called "The Battle for the Bridge". Lexington has beaten Purcell exactly two times in the last 76 years. This year was a home game for Lex. Here's a few pics...

Can i just tellya what a 20-0 shutout of The Nemesis can do to a coaches career in small town Oklahoma? Yeah, he can run for Mayor of Lexington and win by landslide, the incumbent wouldn't stand a chance.

Next on the queue...The Oklahoma State Fair!!! Where we hit the Disney on Ice show. I know...it doesn't SOUND cool...but friend, lemme tellya...for the sake of tender ears...its pretty freaking cool. Cars, Lion King, and Tinkerbell all on one stage. But i go to the Fair for a few reasons, and they are mostly centered around food. Corny dogs, funnel cake, and cheese on a stick...as the Flying Dutchman put it..."If you can put it on a stick and deep fry it, you can get it here, right?" Yeah baby...you can.
The Queen and the older two Royals directly above. I don't mind the high...i just don't spin...on anything...ever...dude, i get dizzy on the Carousel.

But...what i DO do...is high or fast...or combination of both...here's me and the elder two on the ski lift (getting them warmed up for the REAL thing.)

Wanna go fasterrrrrr??? HIMALAAAAAAAAAaaaaaayaaaaaaAAAAA!!!!

For HRH the first of MANY i'm sure (like father and all)...for the other two...probably the same, but you gotta see the pic opened up...

and what would the Fair be without the ubiquitous petting zoo...where we found none other than Seamus the Highland Coo...or at least a relative...

And the Grand Finale for the OK State Fair in OKC...The Black Crowes! The Flying Dutchman, Moondawg and i partook in some good southern fried rock and roll for a couple hours. I sent a text to The Queen along with some pics, one read..."the smoke smells funny here..." yeah...shocker.

Did you seriously think i would forget? A foot of beautimous German scented heartburn in a wrapper...glorious.

I titled this The Prosecutor vs. The Watusi...he was really quite gentle...but lemme tellya those horns were every bit as massive as they look, even more so live and in color. The ranchers wife was very watchful of the little ones around him...he wasn't at all mean, or even mischievous, they were just so big he didn't always know where they were going.

Speaking of MASSIVE...the Royal Percherons made an appearance at the Fair. Draft horses of this stature are nothing less than majestic. The girls had opportunity to get a nuzzle from these gentle giants minutes before this while they grazed in their stalls just inside that barn. Eighteen hundred pounds of black beauty...simply marvelous even for an old guy like me.

The girls especially liked the Kids Zone set up in Tulsa. There was a very VERY cool area where they had set up an animal maternity ward and birthing center. The girls were able to see two baby pigs born...they were locked in for almost an hour. And lemme tell'ya the questions were endless and rapid fire.

As previously stated, we Wii'd. Yup, we finally broke down and got us a Wii Fit Plus. Its been a blast with the Royals. The Quote of the Day...i'm playing the Tank Battle with The Prince, we team up on each mission to vanquish the enemy tanks. He is firing a stream of shells from his tank like its a machine gun, eventually one of them bounces back and explodes his own tank. I said, "Hey Bub, you just took yourself out." He turns to me, and in his matter-of-fact three year old logic..."Yeah, i did it before they could."



Anonymous said...

Love the fair ride pictures! Sooo stinkin' cute!

And The Prince's tank blow up logic? Those are the things you remember about them growing up. Very sweet!

Love ya'll!
Auntie Dee Dee

Bob said...

Our newlyweds up in Lawton sent us pictures of the Oklahoma State Fair. I've always believed the best food always comes on a stick.

Bag Blog said...

Sounds like a busy three weeks. I heard there was some pukin' mixed in with all the fun - was prayin' for ya. We used to have some grand times at the NM State Fair - they have horse races too.

I've been missin' you guys.

my word verification: examana - like examine your bread!

The Friendly Neighborhood Piper said...

Auntie...my memory ain't the greatest...hence the blog...so i CAN remember. Forget November...we are ready to come up NOW!

Bob...always glad to have you around The Table...you always bring such a...fragrance. Perhaps we should exchange emails and get with those newlyweds, y'all are those few and far between good folks.

MamaLou...funny you should say so, we been missin you all too, and your kids, and grandkids, and fajitas, and beer, and...you get the picture. Time and distance can make the heart grow fond(er). That IS an interesting little WV...taken a step higher.

My WV...boini...i took that as Bo's line of surfwear (cf. Dohini)

Anonymous said...

Just the greatest treat - your lives through pictures for the last few weeks. I LOVE the expressions on the rides, but those horns look like he has tree trunks on the side of his head - WOW! Grandma Claral's first ride and first job, at the age of 7, marshalling cows in a field, was on a Percheron...amazing horses.

morninglady said...

nice to hear 'bout everything, been wondering where you were! :)
Luv U guys

Buck said...

Great pics, Jay. There ain't nuttin like a State Fair!