Monday, September 14, 2009

Sooner Magic....

I'm really going to try to write through the haze of, two..three glasses of sangria i've had since, this could be fun.

I'll admit...i just couldn't hold out...The Prince and i went to The Mecca on Saturday...i know what you're saying,"...but it was IDAHO STATE..." and fully aware of that, i just couldn't resist. Actually, like all other Crimson and Creamers...i just needed a nice beat down to feel better about myself...and my team. Sixty-four points later...i wouldn't say we're ready for the Gators (or any other top echelon SEC teams for that matter) certainly not did feel pretty good. Again, fully cognizant of the opposition, and with the schedule only getting tougher from here, still...we needed it.

The Prince loved it regardless of the pouring rain...and believe me, it was nothing short of deluge. And it wasn't big pelting drops that make that drowsy staccato on thousands of plastic poncho's, it was minute droplets driven by a blinding, torrential wind that made even seeing difficult at times...for those other 70 thousand who were assaulted by such...we were nice and dry under the huge overhang offered at Memorial Stadium...hopefully, The Prince at some point dad's pretty smart...we SHOULD be sitting....out THERE...Section 3 row 25 seat 9! Not surprisingly, at half time...i'd say close to 80% of the crowd headed for O'Connell's or wherever their cold beer and dry surroundings awaited them.

We finally braved the elements when the score reached 48-0 in the third. I figured the Sooners had it pretty well in hand, and our presence was no longer needed. So we quietly slipped out and The Prince, dry when we left, managed to find every puddle and streamlet possible to stomp in on the way to the car 6 blocks away. I'm not sure, but the walk to the car may have been the most fun he had all evening. But hey, twenty bucks for a ticket, a few more for a cheeseburger, fries, and a chocolate shake, a myriad of plachets to sachet in to and from an OU football game with Dad...gotta be priceless for a three year was for one other forty one year old kid.

Hey, while we're on the subject...

So we're walking up to The Mecca...ticketless. Now, going to games in this proviso many times, i knew where to go, and what to expect to pay. So when i approach Scalper #1 holding a couple tix high..."Hey, you got a single?"

"Yeah, i got a single...50 yard line." (as if i cared WHERE, i wanted IN the gate, and i wanted OUT of the rain.)

"Whatdya want for it?"


"Later." as i walk off thinking, 'Really? Seriously, somebody forgot to tell this brotha we're playing Idaho St.'

Behind me..."What do you wanna give for it?"

I half turn..."How bout thirty?"

"No way."

I kept walking...actually i never stopped.

Scalper #2 closer to the gate...hmmmm...Idaho St. fans huh? "Hey, how's it goin? You gotta single?"

Obviously just trying to get rid of a couple tix, and a nice guy..."Oh...sure don't, gotta couple together here...sorry." Seeing another not too far away,"OK, no problem, i'll check over here" Scalper #3..."Whatdya got?"

"I gotta couple here."

"Any singles? I don't need one for him, he'll be in my lap anyway."

"Yeah, that's all i got actually, one on the Idaho St. side and one on the OU side."

"Whatdya need?"

"Fifteen for the Idaho St. side...Twenty for the OU side." My man's talkin my language. "I'll take the OU side." And as many minutes later we're in the gate and across the field watching warm up by the Sooners. I saw the row 'our seat' was on and kept elevating to the safe haven of The Overhang...and there we stayed for the remainder. Good folks up there, in fact, two rows ahead of us, an older couple was honored on the field in the 2nd quarter for having season tix for 52 years...they've been going to games longer than i've been THAT'S Sooner Magic.


Buck said...

The Prince is among THE most photogenic kids I've ever seen. Srsly.

re: father-son bonding. It only gets better and better as they get older. Trust me on this. :D

The Friendly Neighborhood Piper said...

Thx Uncle Buck...he don't get that from me...must be his mom. Yeah...i'm looking forward to all that, but definitely not missing out on anything now...these are precious few days for us.