Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Apparently, i just wanted to cut somethin today... First i started with the yard, well i suppose i should qualify that statement, i STARTED it yesterday, i FINISHED it today. See, we got these gawdawful goatheads (read sandspur) in the backyard that are just Hades on little bare feet in the summertime. My mower is a mulcher, at least that's how i got it set up, i do hates baggers. So i hadda barrie the neighbor's bagger to scoop up those wicked little caltrops and throw'em over the fence for the cows (Just doing my part to help fight bovine plaque). And, honestly, i needed The Queens help by the mater's. They've outgrown the raised beds i built and have spilled into the lawn. So i needed her to lift'em up with a broom handle whilst i cut a couple swath's underneath. Speaking of gardentry's...any of y'all need any sage, thai basil, or sweet basil? Lemme know...i got bushes of all three.

Got that done while The Queen and The X supervised. I got everything cleaned up and went and sat down on the back patio to enjoy the cool, sodden breeze ruffling through the yard. The Queen and i just sat and talked a bit watching The X play with his cars and making the obligatory noises. I decided i needed to clean up the mess i'd started with his hair (the previous pics didn't really do it wasn't HORRIBLE, just needed a little touch up here and there, and there, and oh...yeah, there, and...) So off i went to get The Wahl. We got him cleaned up nice and tidy like...he looks like a clean cut, honest, productive citizen now.

I figgered...well, we got'em out...i been needin' a little off the top and sides... so i dropped in the chair and handed The Power to The Queen. She's been cuttin my hair for the last few times and done a right smart job of it. About ten minutes in i hear a very quiet, but distinct..."oops"...then a giggle.

Me: How 'oops'?

The Queen: (giggle) "Well..." (giggle)"I guess it'll grow...oh #%&* (giggle) i can't (giggle continuing)...i'm gonna pee my pants! (giggle increasing to guffaw)...i better get the mirror...(giggling as she leaves) sure you want me doing this?"

She returns, i look...

Let me just add this disclaimer at this point. I have always maintained that...if you get a bad haircut, you can live with it for a few days, i mean hey, hair grows right?

So i look... and ain't that's reparable. So we worked and tag-teamed and made it...happen.

Hope y'all can handle a goateed, mohawked Friendly Neighborhood Piper...i'm gonna look GOOD in a kilt now! Maybe i should get some woad...paint myself blue and change my career into Pictish Warrior.

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Buck said...

Heh. I hear ya about haircuts. I get mine cut at the base, and you apparently cannot reprogram the ladies that work out there. No matter HOW many times I tell 'em "I'm not in the military any more... I like it longer than you're used to cutting..." I come out looking like I am. But Hey... it does grow back.