Friday, June 19, 2009

Lordy, Lordy...look who's...

One year ago today i was live blogging...well kinda sorta. It was an event for the ages...well sorta kinda. Nonetheless, The X launched into this world in grand fashion. Similar to the way he does things, it was quick and painless...well it was quick, the painless part is in serious question.

As with all children, ours are different in their own fashion. The Queen was just commenting the other day about how different the boys played than the girls, how instead of "Let's dress up and have a tea party", its "Fight me Mama! Here's your sword!" Of course, The X isn't much into the fighting part yet...though, he does seem to like the feel of a good sword in his hand, and definitely likes the contact part. When The Prince fastens a hockey stick in The X's tiny hands and picks up his own sword and starts flailing away...The X just giggles, and then tries a parry and thrust. Probably all a result of the endless hours they have spent watching Princess Bride together.

The Prince is the consummate big brother, always looking out for The X, always trying to involve him in some way, or help him into some kind of mischief. But, more importantly, always very affectionate towards him even when no one is looking, holding his hand, a kiss on the cheek, a hug...all completely voluntary, completely unselfish.

Another interesting aspect to watch is the big sisters. They started motherly, and they have continued to perfect the process. They feed him, dress him, comfort him when sometimes only they can...sometimes, he just wants THEM...and no one else will do. Not long ago...The Prosecutor would rock him to sleep for his morning nap, he would be out in minutes, where i had done the same for almost a half hour beforehand. She would smile, and mouth the words, "HE'S... A... SLEEP". HRH, if she is up, can't wait to go get him out of his crib in the morning...its always fun to listen to that conversation as she enters his room. His screams of delight...her bright voice warming his morning. we are, already a year removed from launching Program X, he's leaving off crawling and beginning the Charlie Chaplin walking. He's clearly saying 'Mama' and 'Dada' and the ever popular, "Nononono". I'm looking forward to the days of when the second 'd' is left off 'Daddy' like all the rest have done...those are good days for me...of course, around here...they are all good days, because we have been so richly blessed with great kids. The X has made our lives so much moreso for his quick bright smile, flapping arms, bouncing giggle, and his head on your shoulder hugs. These are the days one doesn't want too soon to forget...the creak of the rocking chair coupled with the warmth of a nuzzling baby in your arms, the sights, sounds, and spray of thrashing arms on the water in the tub, the coos of discovery from the room where he is just waking in the morning and playing with the toys in the crib, the smell of baby lotion on a soft, round, tiny little hiney, the rustle of a diaper scooting across the floor, the pressure of an infant mouth around your pinky finger when you can't find the pacifier, the stirring and soft cries in the night signaling hunger, the soft warmth of babies breath on your face, the open mouthed toothless kisses, the half eaten bowl of Cheerios exploded on the floor, a baby boy sleeping between a King and Queen who watch over his every breath because they love him dearly, i could go on and on, because there is always something special about the last one...and he is filling that role in all our hearts like the way he came into this world...very, very quickly.

Happy Birthday Baby Boy!!! We all love you so very, very much!


Buck said...

Happy Birthday, X-Man! And congrats to his parents and siblings, too. All y'all are doing a great job... and it shows.

Skybag said...

Aaawwwww! How sweet!

man2followJESUS said...

He IS a bright "ray of sunshine"! He is SPECIAL, because he is LAST; just like his Daddy.
Congratulations to the King & Queen and to the X-Man. He is the perfect exclamation point to the Royal Family!
Happy,Happy, HAPPY Birthday!!
Uncle K & Auntie T

Bag Blog said...

Happy birthday, X-man! It goes by quickly - I'm glad you are savoring the moments. One day they are crawling, and the next day they riding off on their motorcycle for work. One day they are losing their teeth, and the next day they are losing their hair.

diamond dave said...

Has it been a year already? Wow.