Thursday, June 04, 2009

HBJB ... Part Deux

A couple years back, i wrote, directed, and produced a short musical, ironically it was this same date. I uploaded it HERE, if you want the Part 1. Anyhoo, it got rave reviews and the tens of thous...tens, who actually saw it loved it. I have then, decided to do a Part Deux.

This is dedicated in whole to a jewel of a girl who is a VIP to us here in The Friendly Confines of The Kingdom. So's your second installment and hopefully many, many more to come... video

We ALL love you VERY MUCH, and count ourselves privileged to call you friend.

Everyone else...please make the click over to Skybag's place and leave your tidings there.


Buck said...


Bag Blog said...

That was great! Isn't it funny how I can post pics of my kids from year to year and they rarely change, but what a difference a year makes in your kids!

Anonymous said...

Boy--the Prince hadn't even turned 1 yet in that clip! Now the Xman is about to turn 1--time is going by too fast!

The Queen

Skybag said...

That's awesome!!! I'm a little surprised the dog didn't chime in too ;) You're kids are wonderful!!! Thanks for making me feel loved on my birthday.