Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The General Quarters...

Well folks...its been a pretty busy few days. Right after my previous post, and i do mean RIGHT after i clicked 'POST' the Prince and i left for a few hours...

You may wanna let this run while you read sets the mood...and'll get it as you read.

It all started back about a month ago...i must admit, i am a big ole sweet SUCKER for dogs, always have been, always will be, especially the mournful, drooling, wagging-all-over, long-eared hounds. We've had a string of...not bad dogs but not really great ones either. Our last great dog Moreg (Meg) was a Black and Tan Coonhound/Visla mix and like i said...a great dog, and we had raised her from a puppy, in fact i had raised her daddy from a puppy. She went to find us while we were away for the weekend and never returned...we were all heartbroken.

We have since had a couple dogs who didn't quite make the cut...they were runners and i had to make bail for them once...and once is all they get. I have since found them homes where running is ok...well at least for one of them...the other one got into the neighbors chickens and well that don't go too far in rural relations around here.

So anyway...after a few months of not having a canine, i got the itch again. Look...i'm a dog guy, i need to rub some long soft ears and scratch a belly at least once a day. So i got to thinking...yeah, we COULD go out and get another puppy, but i really hate all that house breaking business. I'm already doing that with one of my human pups, i don't really want a canine doing that in the house too. So...what about a rescue? I checked into it and went through all the application, phone calls, and house visits...everything looked great! And then last week i get this email that we had been denied....(blink)...what? Are you freaking kidding me? Whatever. I'll do it myself. So i did some e-hunting on my own and the radar finally blipped on Craig's List.

Fast forward to when The Prince and i leave after previous post. We piled into the Toyota fuel sipper and headed up to Norman. I had emailed these folks back and forth and they sounded like really good people that had a soft spot for rescues...they had 11 dogs and lived on a productive goat farm, and had various other farm animals to boot. They had posted a pic of their rescue and i was hooked...line and sinker. They informed me that he was great with kids, laid back, just a really good dog. My Dog-o-Meter was pinging loudly. When we finally got to see him...i rolled over and just wanted my belly scratched, i mean, he rolled over and just wanted his belly scratched. The Prince was all smiles, so we loaded up the new dog in town and came home.

Presenting...General P.G.T. Beauregard...y'all can just call him Beauregard.

Here's a full body shot. Ain't he a beaut? As far as we can tell...he's full blood Basset Hound, i was reading on one of the BH sites and he's got all the tools for a pure breed...right down to the white tipped tail for easy field spotting while rabbit huntin'. He looks to be about 3-5 years old. I'm taking him to the vet tomorrow for the professional opinion.

So far, he's been a model citizen. Great with the kids, he LOVES the toys we got him...especially the soft plush goose that HRH picked out for him that emits a very close imitation of a quack when bitten or squeezed. He's a little out of shape and we'll be working on his cardio in the next few weeks. He's even learned that the kitchen is the 'NO FLY ZONE' and the demarcation is the carpet/tile break. Took him all of about 8 minutes to get leash broke last night. An y'all oughta hear him bark at the squeak toys...freaking comical...does the same at the vacuum cleaner. Oh and he proved his value last night when he woofed a couple times when someone knocked at the front door...yeah, he's good.

We think he's a keeper.


Skybag said...

That's cool! You know we've been looking for a good dog to replace Rita. Congrats on the new belly to scratch.

Anonymous said...

Wow - Beauregard looks fabulous - great ears - what a sweetheart ! Glad to "meet" the newest Palmer addition, can't wait to see him in person. Give him a ear rub and a scratch on the rump for me !

Anonymous said...

If I'da known you were hankerin for mutt, I'da went an got Rev for ya. Kami and Brad wouldn't have minded.

Big Bro

The Friendly Neighborhood Piper said...

May Rita rest peacefully in the great herding field. Y'all seem like hound folks, i highly recommend'em.

Thanks Honey, he's gonna be fun...we'll bring him up to meet the fam in May.

If i'da known you was offerin' free targets to zero my .270 i woulda let you know...he shoulda been a pink cloud years fact, if the offers still good...

Buck said...

Beauregard looks majestic. The Second Mrs. Pennington has a pair of female bassets and she loves 'em to death.

And yeah: rescue dogs are the best. IMHO.

Bag Blog said...

Somehow I missed this post earlier. We did find a dog, but still no name for him. He is just pretty cute. The Bassett looks like just the dog for the kingdom.