Friday, December 26, 2008

Pretty paper...pretty ribbons...

I've been thinking...not that i haven't thought about this before happened again this year.

Now i got some pretty cool stuff for Christmas.

No...i got some unfreakingbelievable stuff for Christmas...i'll post some pics later, i've got an idea.

But, once wasn't about what i got.

Of course, its cool and all rippin' the paper as fast as possible to see what sweetness leaks from within...i'm not one of those prim and proper's who politely finds each piece of tape and gingerly extracts them from the paper like some kind of eye surgeon in a corneal i'm more of a Golden Retriever puppy with a newspaper...stuff just flies everywhere...and sometimes...i even get it stuck in my teeth too. To me...ribbons and bows just make the challenge more... interesting...i should probably have some kind of caution sign like "WARNING: FALLING OBJECTS" set up when i have gifts around.

But, like i said, i seem to get more excited about the stuff i give. This time around being no exception...i love the giddiness inside when someone i love is about to open something i KNOW they're gonna flip over, i love watching the eyes sparkle, hear the catch of breath and the laughter...and the hugs...those never... ever... get old.

So to you, dear reader...and thankyou so much for reading, it still amazes me every time someone new says, "Hey i read your blog the other day and..." i give to you a charge...

Love from a pure heart, keep a good conscience, and have faith...always have God.

To all of you...Have a Very Merry Christmas


Bob said...

Your blog as a gift (so let's just forget the charge).

Seriously, you're so right about there being more joy in giving.

Buck said...

Well said, Jay... and the Heart O' Christmas.

Bag Blog said...

My sister is salesperson for a textbook company. She recently changed companies and had a bunch of freebie stuff like notepads, pens, highlighters and these little sticky tabs that she gave away at Christmas. The GGs have played with those sticky tabs like they were the best presents ever.