Monday, November 17, 2008

...from the Royal Treasury

This is one of those, "goodlord, where do i even freaking start..."

So much has happened in the last few days, all good, just very, very busy. Starting with Thursday night i prepped sesame oil, kosher salt, and garlic powder baked potatoes for 80...yeah, i said that right, 8-zero. It was for Lindz' rehearsal dinner on Friday night. Which turned out like so much fun on The Diva's wrap around beautifully decorated portico. There was more good food there than all the restaurants in the entire county could put together, well except for the restaurant that provided the smoked brisket and sausage, but that is the ONLY exception. That coupled with good, good friends, good music, and a good drink sprinkled here and there, it was a memorable night.

Therefore, my Friday was spent baking and rehearsal dinnering. Oh, did i mention the Kahlua brownies topped with the Drambuie ganache? Yeah, they were uh...ambrosial. A veritable symphony for the salivary's.

Saturday, well the Sooners were on a bye preparing for this weekends big Showdown with Tech. I obviously need to give MamaLou a call and see if we can get together for the game. So...i got crazy and cut the grass. You know, normally that is not the most scintillating of tasks but, for me, making that last Fall cut, there's just something inherently good about it. Maybe its the almost smoky scented dry grass and maple leaves mulching in the mower, maybe its that Caribbean cobalt water colored sky that only Fall can produce here in Oklahoma, flecked with the harbinger ashen clouds whispering that the Iceman cometh. Shoot, maybe its just the fact that i can sport my Redhead camo jacket and boots without looking like a complete idiot. Maybe its just all that coupled with the knowledge that Fall is my favorite season (since we don't get enough snow nor have enough good hills to make proper use of it).

The wedding
was...stunning. I know, i know...your saying, what? A guy that likes weddings? Now, i wouldn't go THAT far. I don't like just any old wedding. In fact, before coming here, you couldn't drag me to one without some form of blood loss. But its different here, it's not just a wedding, its the establishment of a covenant, and that's EXACTLY what we saw Saturday. The moment that stood out to me the most was probably the smaller of details within the major scope of the event. Normally, one hears the "Here Comes the Bride" DUM-DUM DA-DUM chords that signal everyone to rise for the bride's entrance. Not this one...oh no...not even close. This was one of the most insightful, profound announcements i've EVER witnessed (of course, i should mention here that the dulcet beginning notes of Highland Cathedral on the pipes will always tighten my throat). A young, beautifully dressed little girl, with a school bell entered swinging the bell up and down, and between each strike of the pendulum on the bell, she sweetly called, "The Bride is coming, the Bride is coming, the Bride is coming!" Even as i write is in my eyes.

But that's not the only time i cried this weekend. Admittedly, i'm one of those silent crier types. After the rehearsal dinner Friday night, i came home and HAD to finish the John Adams HBO series The Queen had gotten me for my birthday. Can i just tell y'all...if you don't have it, get it...if you do, give it to is just THAT good. I had NO idea what a good man (at least as portrayed) John Adams was...and folks, let me lay this out real easy-like...i...don', at all...any of'em. But this, this is about a Statesman...a Founder...not just a Declaration signature...

Adams was the flint and Jefferson was the powder.

It left me contemplating the brevity of life...whether full or empty...the great the common...commander or commanded... life is truly

A vaporous cloud across a cerulean sky...and then, it is gone.

Treasure each day.

I planted tulips with my children today...


Bag Blog said...

It was a most exceptional wedding for all of the reasons you mentioned. I loved the way different men from the fellowship who have been a part of her life walked her a few steps down the aisle and handed her off to the next man and eventually to her mother.

Great description of a fall day and grass mowing!

inpassing said...

I agree...the wedding was exceptional. It was hard to sing and take it all in when the Bride entered and was escorted from one to another along the way. Yet, it was surreal because it was as if you were taking part in a "cloud of witnesses" as the Bride was "ascending" down the aisle to her Bridegroom.

Kris, in New England said...

God that sounds like a glorious wedding. Must get to Lou's site for details!

You must also share the recipe for those potatoes - they sound heavenly all on their own.

John Adams - that series really got under my skin as well. We watched it on HBO, then bought the DVD set for ourselves and for my mom (who doesn't get HBO). It was a revelation! You know, growing up in New England I think we probably hear more about the role of the Northeast in the Amer Revol than anywhere else - though I could be wrong. But we New Englanders take immense pride in the fact that it started here. Not arrogance, but that the spread of this great nation began in small towns all over the Northeast - people with courage greater than we could ever imagine did the right thing for the future of their families. And yet - for the first time I really felt and saw those times as they must have been. Thank god to Abigail Adams for being such a faithful documentarian of her family and her husband. I believe that series is about as close as we'll ever get to who those men and women really were.

Buck said...

Dang... this post was simply excellent, Jay. You outdid yourself here... and that's NO small feat.

Had to chase the YouTube link to find out which Tattoo this was. Bremen! Imagine my surprise! I personally think the Brits do military tattoos better than anyone, and I've witnessed a few (but sadly missed the Edinburgh event).

Junk Diva said...

Thanks for all your help at the dinner, it was great. I loved the wedding also it was so Lindz, I cried several times myself. I need the brownie recipe they were "AWESOME".

Doc said...

I don't know what it was, but I liked it.


Did anyone take a video. Sounds like one I would love to watch. I got goosebumps just reading about it.