Thursday, August 21, 2008

Say What?

Not long ago rUNniNg MaD had a great post on Spoonerisms. I personally LOVE spoonerisms, they are just so creaking fool.

Anyhoo, something happened yesterday in my anomalous psyche that made me snicker yet again. We were driving down a country road just after a sweet summer rain had rumbled through. The way was still wet, dripping off the tree branches like sweat and pooling in the tire grooves and rolling slowly off the sides. HRHTDP looked out the windshield from her perch in the "way back" and said,

"Mama is that ice water?"

That's when the aberation occurred. Somehow in the distance those phonemes travelled the length of our van, through my ears and were re-pixilated on my brainscreen, what i saw was "Eye Swatter"...and for a split second i was thinking..."Whaaaa???" and then i just started laughing...after explaining myself to The Queen...the gears began turning again and i wondered...what are THOSE called?


diamond dave said...

Yeah, I like oonerspisms myself. What's REALLY fun is when you have an Emily Litella moment ("Never mind!"), when an innocent comment reaches your ears in a completely twisted way and you have to do a commentary on it. In front of family, friends, and/or coworkers.

RunningMad said...

Munning Rad! Mat's Theeee!