Wednesday, March 19, 2008

55 Gallon Drum X3

Tonite, we're sitting around watching the 9 o'clock Fox news. P2 and The Prince are wanting a snack before they go to bed, so The Queen gets up and gets them each a banana. They come back into the living room and she begins the process of peeling and handing them out. The Prince gets his and takes a bite. HRHTDP, sitting in a ball at my side, watches this all play out and says,

"Mama, can i have bite of banana?"

The Prince interpreting what she was saying and came over to offer her a bite.

The Queen smiling, "Awwww what a good boy Jameson!"

His half peeled banana extended to big sister, she reaches out and breaks off the ENTIRE half, all the way down to the base of the open peeling.

He paused...gave her a look like "What the #$%$&*!!!"

I fully expected him to look at her and bust out a "DUDE?!!"

Instead, he looks back at The Queen with unchanged expression, and she just cracked. He takes a couple steps extends the banana back to her as if to say, "Could you peel this AGAIN." She continues to laugh, he turns back to HRHTDP points directly at her and says, "BAD!!" That's when i cracked, and he cracked too and pointed at her again and again.

Some kids are a barrel of laughs, he's a 55 gallon drum.


Bag Blog said...

Ah the big sister just set the stage for future "sharing."

Buck said...

Some kids are a barrel of laughs, he's a 55 gallon drum.

And you are blessed, Jay!

Course of Perfection said...

I can feel Jameson's indignation! That poor little guy. Thanks for the laugh!

Inquiries said...

That was so funny.

Doc said...

If you had that on video, it would be money. Your description is the next best thing though. Maybe better. ;-) Thanks Jay.