Friday, February 22, 2008

Down Hawthorne Road

...Down Hawthorne Road

Travel I down Hawthorne Road
carrying with me cumbersome load
Tarrying at a brook, pause I to see
a doe and a buck grazing neath yon tree
On slow plod I mongst the coming eve
drinking the blood of the maple leaves.

Sunset dawns Fall myriad hues
amber to gold and indigo blues
Scamper the squirrels gathering their stock
smile I at Old Groundhog perched pon his rock
Careworn worries falling behind
meandering the collonades of the Divine.

Passing a fencerow of hackberry rust
greeted by a Morgan and an old steeldust
Seat myself on plow left there
pull out my penknife and quarter a pear
We three witness there God's splendor and grace
as He slowly unveils Autumn's hunter face.

Whispered the wind that i can not stay
bid my friends farewell to another day
Slid on the coat tied round my waist
yet the cool of the night quickens not my pace
My back straight now where it was bowed
for the burden? Twas lost...


Anonymous said...

Isn't it plagierism when you don't credit the author?

The Friendly Neighborhood Piper said...

Isn't it a bit rude to not sign YOUR name?

I wrote's on my, do i have to sign it?

OH and ....p-l-a-g-i-a-r-i-s-m just so we're clear.

Buck said...

OH and ....p-l-a-g-i-a-r-i-s-m just so we're clear.

LOL! Now that had to leave a mark! ;-)

The Friendly Neighborhood Piper said...

Its all good...the vandal brother confessed and we had a good laugh. He knew it would piss me off, he knows me too well. Now...its just funny.