Thursday, December 13, 2007


here's one for ya...

The Prince had filled his diaper with some toxic funk with a 70 year half-life. It must have something to do with that half a gallon of Pomegranate/Cranberry juice he knocked back yesterday...neat, chilled, but neat. Anyway, his little arse is chapped so i just stuck him in the tub and got the handset down from the shower. He was just standing there while i watered him, not unlike a tiny statue in a park fountain. But, the funk held on with the force of whatever holds the atomic structure together and would not yield to the universal solvent. So i had to get a little more proactive, I finally had to lay him down to hose down The Crevasse. The sprinkler mode on the handset just wasn't working to my expectations so i switched it to powerwash, oh yeah, this should do it. It took the yick off alright, sending shrapnel directly into my face. Not one of my defining moments as a dad as i thought, "Boy, THAT was intelligent." Perhaps one of those hospital grade faceshields next time?

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