Saturday, December 29, 2007

Read the Disclaimer!

It's a little late to post what i want to post today, so i give you this from my list of "People with Real Talent" aka 'My Blogroll'.

I ran onto this gem of a blog through Uncle Buck at the EIP. This is solid daily reading (as are all on my blogroll).

Happy Reading!

If you have any normal bodily functions to take care of...please do it now, before reading this post. Due to the fact that upon reading you will be laughing so hard you will squeeze whatever is in there...out. You have been warned.

Click Here for post.


Buck Pennington said...

Doc is good, to beat the proverbial dead horse (or whatever cliché fits), ain't he?

I'm both amazed and disappointed at the sheer numbers of high-quality blogs there are out there. The disappointment sets in when I realize there's not nearly enough time in life...anyone's life... to read them all. Coz folks like Doc deserve to be read...

Thanks for the link, Jay.

The Friendly Neighborhood Piper said...

Haven't seen a non interesting post yet.

"I'm both amazed and disappointed at the sheer numbers of high-quality blogs"

No doubt. I look at some of these other writers and, if i could only string simple thoughts together like THAT! Fortunately, most of the blogs i read have blogrolls that are fantastic so i don't have to surf the blogosphere trying to find the jewels, cuz there are also the mass hoardes of pointless reads out there too.