Tuesday, December 25, 2007

...and to all a good night

Is it over? I mean, really...is it over, already? I don't mind tellin ya', I'm worn slick. Taking a Christmas roadie to Uncle and Auntie's crib in Kansas City and back with three kids under the age of 5, yeah, the Queen and i are fragile. Thanks to Grammy and Grampy for the backup on their part of the trip! We have finally managed to crawl back to the house under a much heavier load than we began... within and without. Yeah, i got pictures but yer gonna hafta wait. We went to T-Rex, a freaking cool farmer's market, Cabela's (2X), and a downtown KC Christmas tour.

I love Christmas... being with the fam, the cookin', the eatin', the kid's eye's poppin' out when the paper flies, the squealin, the stealin' the present i bought cuz i won'ted it (i mean ain't that what Dirty Santa's all about?), and to top it all off...it was a white Christmas t'boot. A neighborhood dog had made a path in the snow walking through the backyard, and the girls swore they were reindeer tracks, we obviously have some work to do on wildlife print identification. But, i'm tard and i'm goin to bed, my own bed, and i plan to stay in my bed all night, instead of getting nudged out by a three year old who is cold and in a strange house and in need of Mama, an hour behind a 4 year old for the same reason, and an hour ahead of a 1 year old who just wondered where everybody else went. Putting me, the king, in a rocker/recliner beside the bed, or in a single bed by a very cold, drafty window...but hey, we made some memories didn't we? I'm gonna enjoy this post in about 10 years...

Good night gentle reader,
and a very warm and Merry Christmas to you!


inpassing said...

Hey, I wondered what happened to you?!?! Thanks for the update. Sounds like you had a good Christmas!!

the friendly neighborhood piper said...

Oh hey Mrs Napkins! Yes, we had a great time! Good to see you back around "The Table". Hope to see you all soon!

Dawn said...

whoa, brings back memories of those crowded and lon-n-g-g nights.
and how I love my bed now !!!
good to see you guys in wally world today Piper, love to see those beautiful little cart tots you were toting around,and always so-o-o glad you guys find your way back home after these exciting excursions of yours

The Friendly Neighborhood Piper said...

Well, if its true that "where your treasure is there will your heart also be" and if its also true that "the treasure is in the saints" and, if i may borrow..."home is where the heart is" then it stands to reason that we would come home, eventually.

kevin said...

Well, it certainly was great to have you and the family here for "Christmas in Kansas City"! I wish you would've said something about the drafty window in the other bedroom. We would've moved the bed, setup an oil-filled heater, thrown on some more blankets, so SOMETHIN! Sorry!
I told Tamala within 30 minutes of you guys leaving...."Man, it sure is quiet around here". Can't wait to read the other posts and comment on those too!