Thursday, June 21, 2007


Yesterday afternoon saw a small but heavily laden summer storm roll through the Kingdom. As the rain fell, the water in the street again began its normal trickle, then flow, and finally rushing toward the small creek at the bottom of the hill. The more rain that fell, the more i heard it. Not the rain itself, that drowsy roll like thousands of tiny drummers on miniature snares, but this was a different pleasantness like distant giggling. Was the water draining off somewhere making this curious noise? Or was it...could it be? IT WAS!!!! The Naiads had returned!
I had only heard of these mythical creatures in my reading, but SEEING them was a completely different encounter! They were everything i had ever imagined and more. Their delicate beauty intensified by their blithe euphoria as they danced and sang their Edenian melodies. Fortune shined and i grabbed my camera and caught the event before they saw me. With a wrinkle of their nose and a flash of a radiant smile, they disappeared, the sound of their giggling fading like the rain softening to a sprinkle and then a mist and then...

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Bag Blog said...

Water Nymphs! I knew this rain was good for something. It reminds me of when I was about Madison's age and the neighbor boy and I went down to play in a large mud-puddle after a big rain. We were having a great time, but the mud-puddle was in front of the high school were my dad was the principal. The school secretary called my mom and told on us.