Monday, June 18, 2007


Well, its been a busy couple of weeks! And its really not slowing down any just thought i'd take a few minutes to update the blog. We have added a new family member, ok well at least a family member to me. Back a few years ago The Queen's dad sold us an '83 Jeep CJ7. It was, well, almost like a child to me. Then, when we decided to sell out, pack up, and move to AZ in an RV, something had to go. So i sold my "third child" (at the time) into slavery. I never really recovered. I would see an old jeep on the road or see one for sale in the paper and that same nostaglic feeling would stir in me, and the same mantra would fall off my lips, "I miss my jeep". We've been down to one vehicle since we sold it except for the occasional loaner from a relative who saw our need and let us drive theirs as long as they could. Toby and MamaLou let me drive their old Dodge pickup which had all the allure of the classic farm truck. It was a surrogate shadow of the relationship i had with the Jeep and ended all too suddenly, and i was again left to pine away for something to fill the void. We had a little Honda Accord off and on for a year or so, but it was just a car, we were certainly thankful for the generosity and the wheels but come on, its just a car. We sold it a few weeks ago, so here we were down to sticking around the house while The Queen is away.
A few days after that, the dog's got out and i ended up having to go bail them out of jail. I was able to contract the help of my next door neighbor to help me go get them. On the way out of our neighborhood i saw it. Sitting in the yard at the end of our block, a knight in shining black armor. And i thought, "Hmmmm...nice truck...i wonder..." Passing the truck a number of times going in and out of the neighborhood, it kept whispering to me as i passed and i found myself glancing its way desperately trying to play hard to get. Finally, i gave in and decided to go meet, taking Princess #2 along so things would stay on a strictly professional basis. Things went well so we decided to go out. It was fun, we kept it between the lines and absolutely nothing offroad. Returning, we shook hands and went on our way. I told the Queen later that i was thinking about making a commitment, she just smiled and asked me "Well, what do you think?" , so i told her while trying to mask the excitement, of course covering it with, "Well, it's not a Jeep". Heck, its not even 4WD! But there's just something about it. A couple days later i noticed some others looking at "my" truck. I decided right then it was time to move. So we did, and now our happily ever after has begun. Sure, i still have the memories of the Jeep, but the Tacoma has certainly eased the aches, and who knows, maybe, just maybe...

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Bag Blog said...

The Tacaoma is a tuff little truck. I think you will have lots of good times in it.