Monday, May 14, 2007

The Barn Raisin'

Here's a few pics of what i did this weekend out at the Lazy B (actually, its not really called that its just what i affectionately refer to it as). These are some VERY good friends (Toby and Lou and their daughter Jesse) of ours who have a little patch of heaven east of us, and as you can see from the pics a whole passel of us showed up on Saturday morning. It was the most fun i've had doing that hard of work in a long time. Just a great bunch of guys working together to accomplish a common goal going far beyond the simple raising of a barn. And the FOOD!!!! It was definitely worth it all!! Anyway, check out this link (this is MamaLou's blog, and a shameless plug for a really good blogsite).MamaLou's Blogspot

By the way...i am going to post some more today, i've just got to get some things done before i do, so check back in cuz i've got a story to tell.

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Bag Blog said...

Thanks for the plug. It was a good time.