Thursday, April 05, 2007

Proxy Party Cont'd

Sunday morning began with preparations to go to the Medieval Faire in Norman. I wanted to see a bagpipe band that i've been casually following since 1999. We arrived just in time to see them and walk around a wee bit to see the eccentricasies known only to the modern "Medaeval Faiere". I'm convinced that every fat chick in the metro counties pushed themselves away from their monogrammed padded seats at the nearest KFC/Taco Bell buffet,wiped most of the gravy and queso off their multiple chins, poured themselves into the tightest spandex clothes (usually black) they could find at the local army surplus (not unlike the way three day old bacon grease slides into a gallon size milk jug), and rolled on over to the Fair to see what new deep fried butter-on-a-stick creation the carneys came up with this year. But wait! Before we hit the corn battered heavy cream infused lard pop stand for the fifth time, lets get a henna tattoo!!! Sometimes i wonder if the "artist" feels more like a cartographer. I was even unfortunate enough to catch a glimpse of a woman at least in her 38th week of pregnancy in a bellydance group, yeah, the old proverbial "Like watching a train wreck" came to mind.

We did have an enjoyable time nonetheless, and found this hat stand where the kids hornswoggled Papa to part with some dead presidents. Even the king got into it, no i didn't bring it home. The Rogues were good, but i've seen them in better form. Looking forward to seeing them and much more talent at the Texas Scottish Festival in June. After the show, we decided that we had seen enough cottage cheese bulging expandex and quietly left the herd to feed. With that in mind we made our way to safer quarters at, yep, you guessed it, if we're in Norman, we go to Red Robin! Need i say, pictures will suffice

The rest of the day was pretty laid back. When we got home, naps and some yardwork. Nothing spectacular.

All in all, we had a great weekend with Papa and Reece, albeit always too short. We always enjoy them coming down, hopefully soon, Honey will be able to make the trip more frequently, we sure miss her not coming (that's actually just a ploy to get her to comment, though we really do miss her). We are excited that Auntie Dani and Rylee will be coming down in June, of course it will be Reece's second tour and he'll be able to show Rylee the way the rednecks live.


Honey, Baroness of Beedom said...

Hello and All Hail the Palmer Kingdom....
It does take Honey - the Baroness of Beedom, a few extra trys to figure out HOW to comment on a blogspot, but now that I got it, hopefully I am doing it right.

WOW - the site is truly fun and amazing. Your description of the Day at the Fair is absolutely hysterical, the Heinous Heifer Highlight - quite colorful.
Know Papa and Reece enjoyed their time with the girls even if the BIG party was postponed.

I will certainly be entering a trip to Palmerdom onto my seemingly non-stop-work-every-day world schedule of BOB(Baroness of Beedom)Events to flit around and find time to buzz down your way as soon as we are able.

Take care to all and Keep those updates coming....

Love ya, Honey

Bag Blog said...

I don't think I get the concept of spandex at a Medieval Faire. I did read on another blog where a guy wants to tax fat ladies wearing coruroy.

Have you tried changing your music? I was just wanting to put a motorcycle song on and was not sure of the process.

the friendly neighborhood piper said...

always good to hear from the fringe group that reads. I always wondered if Blogger has a way to monitor, if not who reads, at least how many have read a particular post. Sometimes i wonder if readership isn't limited to the 3 people that normally comment. Thanks Honey, i knew you'd make an appearance at some point.

Taxing fat ladies wearing corduroy...would that be an estate tax? I'll get with you on the music on your blog, its pretty easy.