Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Couldn't Resist

I know i'm supposed to be posting about Madison's proxy birthday gig (at least the Sunday part) but i found this and just couldn't resist. You may or may not be a bagpipe "fan" (and believe me, it seems that everyone "just loves the bagpipes"...yeah for about 10 minutes.) Anyway, The Wicked Tinkers are about as good as they come. Cabar Fiedh (pronounced cab-er fay) is one of the nastiest tunes to play, lemme put it to you this know how the Jews wouldn't say the name of God or even write His complete name...well that's kinda like a piper saying "Oh yeah, i can play Cabar Feidh" well, i can't and its a quasi-religious experience listening to anyone that can so when i found this i had to let you listen to some piping at its finest.



Anonymous said...

Good-day friend piper. Quite a collection of various assortments you have put together, indeed. The Blog is very informative and effective at presenting the material contained therin. I will visit again as soon as I will, and therein lies the anticipation of any reader of this comment to determine both my identity, and my manner of speaking, whether I be true, or no. Therefore, until the next meeting, I do bid thee fond farewell and greetings to thy keep.

the friendly neighborhood piper said...

The Mysterion! It has evolved to this!!! Clandestine postings at midnight hours, dated, yet familiar language, the prescience of the "whodunit"! Oh the intoxication of it all! By the way Kris, i still know that your favorite movie (and your first DVD purchase, which i also correctly postulated) is "The Man from Snowy River". Thanks for visiting bro, come back anytime! I know you're just coming for the music though, there's much better writing out there. uh, oh yeah, greetings to your keep too.

Bag Blog said...

I need some help with the music thing on my site. I think I need to paste some code to my HTML. I may have to call you sometime.