Friday, April 20, 2007

Chicory and Beignets

There's really not a lot to report. Its been a pretty quiet week other than the previous post. I haven't felt too much like writing since having that horrible stomach virus. It was similar to having your guts constantly feel like the inside of a warm coke can and your posterior feel like a fire hydrant being tested.

I did finally make it to the City today to get my bond for pursuing my exciting career in process serving. Yeah, if you see me out on the street here in the next few months, approach with caution, i'll be packin' heat.

I was able to obtain some Cafe Du Monde chicory coffee today. I found it on a large display at...are you ready for this...a Chinese market in south OKC. If you have ever been to NOLA (New Orleans, LA) you probably saw a Cafe Du Monde somewhere. Equate it to the Cajun version of Starbucks, just WAAAAAAAY older. If you have never been to CDM i HIGHLY encourage you to go if you ever get the chance. There are very few things like sitting down to a steaming cup of chicory coffee with steamed milk loaded with a couple teaspoons of the powdered sugar from your order of hot beignets deep fried in cottonseed oil. Its spiritual.

Speaking of NOLA, if you're a Harry Connick Jr. fan, as Mama and i are, his new offering of "Oh My NOLA" will magically transport to you to that wrought iron table beside the Big Ole' Muddy and let you dive into those white blanketed pillows of sweetness known as the New Orleans style beignet.

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