Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Death to Monkey Grass

Normally, i enjoy working outside. And yes, here comes the big but, BUT when it comes to extracting monkey grass planted by a previous owner, the enjoyment of gardening dies. Of course, i'll be even that much more pleased with the final product, but monkey grass in and of itself must have been cultivated by the Hittites, Perrizites, and Mosquitobites. Its so #%^$*@^$&#*&@(#*^$ obtuse and invasive!!! If you've had it and had to surgically remove it from your garden, then you are sympathetic to the cause. I should've taken a before and after picture. Our future flower bed looks so much nicer now. Much sharper lines, more open, well ok, its bare. I have purchased some elephant ears and some lilly type flowers that will look great. I have SO much more work and landscaping to do, come to think of it, MamaLou, since your my only daily reader, do you have any landscapable rocks on your place? I need some, i also am in need of some equine bi-product aided top soil if you have any of that...laying around, so to speak. I'm also on the lookout for a cheap (meaning zero cost) dogwood sapling. If any of my huge fanbase espies this deciduous dainty on the roadside, let me know. I've already found a nice redbud in a local oil field lot. I'm looking at it as i saved it from a possible future early death syndrome, from the wicked oil company (of course i drove my car to get it!) Anyway, i'm tired and obviously rambling. I'm going to bed now, the OKC zoo awaits #1, who's birthday is tomorrow. Should have plenty to report in the next episode.

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Bag Blog said...

Gee, I kinda like monkey grass. As for equine bi-products, we have more than our share. I don't know about the dog-wood. I am not much of a plant person. I have seen some white looking trees down in the woods. Come get whatever you need.

Happy Birthday M! Have fun at the zoo. I will be at Wal-Mart.