Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Coppin' a Feel

The Extended Table

Its interesting just how much I am enjoying this time at home with the girls. I’ve cut way back at the shop and am only doing some contract work for Moondawg, turning legs in the evenings. So that frees me up to spend the days with the girls while Mama goes to the hospital and works during the day. Its an adjustment for all of us. But, nonetheless, peaceful. I’m trying to get the coach ready for sale, and its coming along, albeit not as quickly as I’d like but getting there, when that‘s done, we can really start making some headway into the restaurant venture.

Leah has begun sitting on the toilet, not really doing anything but, “getting the feel”. She is so cute sitting there looking around like, “OK this is fun but, am I supposed to be doing something? “ Then she grabs for some toilet paper, proceeds to swab in the vicinity of her hiney and down she comes. Game over, next? All performed with that patented wry smile.

Yesterday afternoon, Madison was laying on the couch watching cartoons, well at least passively. She was actively playing with two cups they had both been drinking from. One is purple and the other is pink, both are princess cups, with a sip cap fashioned as a crown. Although, in this particular instance, I believe, as I perceive the story correctly, the purple cup may have been a prince of some sort. As she tipped them back and forth in a “walking/running” manner around each other this conversation took place, “ Well, you’re a boy, and I’m a gel, and YOU CAN’T KISS ME” as the pink princess cup bounces away. I was in the kitchen cooking dinner thinking, “That’s my girl!! Keep that attitude!!”

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