Saturday, February 18, 2006

Hell Week ends

This week was just that, at least the early part of it and momentary ordeals after that. Whatever it was i caught, in a word...SUCKED. Its still hanging on, which is singularly the best pun i can think of right now, in the form of a bulbous, thick, green film that coats the back of my throat, making its appearance when i cough. Funkedelic!! But, i feel MUCH better. and i'm thankful!!!

To be frank, its DAMN cold outside today!!! The weather turned colder on Thursday, and then yesterday around 3 pm the sleet began hitting the overhead door at the shop. As i kept casual observation on the precip, the rain began freezing on the windshields on the truck parked outside. It continued most of the night, covering streets and ground with an icy frosting. It was reported on the news that more than 60 injury accidents had occurred in the OKC metro area within just a few hours, i did hear this evening that a tour bus had turned over and a child had been killed. Some folks just don't seem to understand that things like tours can wait i guess.

But its nice and warm in our little home. Mama is in the kitchen making chili, Madison is napping in our room, and Leah is making sure everyone knows she's had her three hour nap. Listening to James Taylor (Live) singing about Mexico sends me directly to a tiki hut bar, sipping on a very high octane fruity concoction, squinting from the reflection of the sun on white sand. Yeah, i'm normally a winter, but that sounds really, really inviting. By the way, since this is my blog, and i can do this, if you're reading this and you don't have JT's Live Double CD, put it on your list of things to get before you die. Its that good, it's...a spiritual experience. So all in all, Hell week ends in a little slice of Heaven, sounds of the train passing by distantly in the bitter cold, yet warmed by the smells of chili and cornbread, and the sounds of little girls running to eat as Mama calls them for dinner, and JT singing about walking down a country road....

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