Thursday, September 30, 2010

Wanna quickie?

I gotta get these in before they are gone...

Its morning and the Royals are foraging for food while The Queen lays quietly, relishing the last vestiges of the pastels in the rising sun. The pastoral moment dissipates with...

"Mama...look at THIS!" as The Prosecutor holds a very large member of the Insectum family over The Queen's nose.

"Is it...dead?"

In ubiquitous superhero fashion, The Prince, legs widespread, fists on hips..."NO, MOM.  He's just standing still."

Enter stage right, HRH frowning, "Hey Mom?"


"What's that pink punching bag for?"

"What? What are you talking about? What punching bag?"

"You know, that punching bag in the back of your throat?"


Bag Blog said...

GBN1 caught a praying mantis. Boy, those things move fast in the house when they get away from tiny fingers.

diamond dave said...

I used to love freaking kids out by telling them that their uvula was showing.

Catiche said...

Dying here. Just dying. Especially considering the blog I posted last night about our own bug. Love that he is just "standing still".