Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Country Club Membership...

Sunday afternoons are pretty lazy around here. If there's football, we watch it...if there's not...well, we find something to do, and since it's not football season...

As previously stated, we are the proud owners (as in shareholders) of a small herd of beautiful Jersey cows...thanks to the good folks over at Phelan Ranch. They are beau-ful. We have chosen lazy Sunday afternoons to go out and reap our stock dividends, so this last Sunday HRH and i took the drive out to the ranch.

It's a little over an hour and it was a great day for a drive. The cinereal sky laden with mist quietly accompanied our journey, softening the greening landscape of southern Oklahoma, and the rocky outcrops that make up South Central's idea of mountains. Once we got off the highway and onto the back roads, which were slogged from the two days of slow steady rain, the dampened warm smells of early spring infiltrated the car and we started looking for wildlife, since we were just barely off the Refuge.

HRH was intent on finding another prairie dog town, but to no avail. We did come across a tom and a few jakes tailing some hens about a hundred yards or so off the road. We stopped and halloo'ed them, in turkey of course, they weren't interested and trotted off to more private climes.

Arriving at the Ranch and opening the doors to that nostalgic smell of barnyard, chickens clucking restfully, and an occasional dim grunt from a couple of the sows behind the barn. The Girls were all huddled around the tractor tire having their afternoon tea and scones. I can't telly'all how i love the smell of wet barnyard...it brings back so many good childhood memories. Even the smell of walking into the ranchhouse smells the same, it must be something innate to every old ranch/farm...that warm smell of old wood and older dirt...it takes you to a place where everything, for just a few seconds...is right.

We visited with Grady and his new bride for a few minutes before hauling our treasure out to the car. They are blessed beyond measure. New love, new life, married to a peaceful ranch on the edge of the mountains where wondering elk call plaintively on cool fall evenings.

Before leaving we went out to say hi to The Girls. They cast a sleepy yet discriminative eye on us as we approached their cliquish little country club meeting. Slowly chewing their scones, and an apathetic bat of an eye greeted us..."Well hey Girls!... Y'all mind if we get a picture?" Mrs. Scarlet lolled her eyes and Annabell shifted her weight to the side, i suppose we were interrupting some Estrofest conversation they were having. Lizzy just kinda smiled and dipped her head back down for another scone, i'm not sure, but i think she might have been trying to stifle a laugh. "I'll take that as a 'Yes'."

That youngin never said much, he just kinda watched us inquisitively, i swear i heard him whisper something like "Momma...go play...little girl?" That was all i caught, but i got the idea. He must've been in some kinda trouble cuz she just swished her tail and blew her nose like she wasn't very interested in any playtime right now.

"Well, thanks Girls, we'll see y'all next week!"

We headed back to the car..."Daddy, do you think they like us?"


Debbie said...

Red dirt and the sweet smells of the farm I agree take you back to simply "life".

Catiche said...

This was just lovely.

Junk Diva said...

The smell of a wet barn yard, sorry Jay, it smells like crap. I know I have been feeding cows in it for years. Not so impressed.

I loved the rest of the tale. Enjoy farm life!

The Friendly Neighborhood Piper said...

I dinna say it smelled sweet an i wanted to go roll in it...i love it for the memories it brings. I'm CERTAIN that if i hadda slog through it ever day it would lose a considerable amount of appeal, in a hurry.