Sunday, December 06, 2009

Happy Ho Ho Ho to you...

"Here we are as in olden days...happy golden days of"...wait a minute!

These ARE the good old days! I love these days... The Royals are always so excited about decking the halls of The Kingdom...and that's all good with us, we love it too.

I played my annual Clark Griswold role and finally got the lights on the house (you should click the link just to see Eddie...loves me some Eddie). They are those cool new blue and white icicle LED's that flash like some low roller Vegas casino. Of course, i'm not big on glitz and glitter so i gots'em on a slow wave pattern ...pretty cool. I'm really trying to pace myself on the exterior decor many cool little cash to move that direction...all in good time. Add a couple things this year and hit the post-Christmas sales for next year. I'm so ready to get one of those front yard Santa/sled/reindeer combo's, so at the height of the light tour traffic, and the street is packed with yuletide yayhoo's, i send that little miniature icon in a shower of sparks and a fiery explosion several hundred feet above The Castle in grand Griswold fashion (Tucker... i may need some pyrotechnic consultation for that one...the general fee will apply).

Anyhoo...the lights are on, the tree is up, and most of the castle is decked with boughs of holly an's a few pics for your perusal...

Well, there WERE gonna be pics til my program decided to take the night off...well here's how we ended the evening watching the SEC Championship and Big12 Championship games. Wasn't it refreshing to see Tebow crying? Somebody needs to tell that boy that there's no crying in football. Yes folks, those are legit Black and Tans, and yes, they were every bit as advertised (items pictured are much larger actual size).

While we're on the subject...we are currently in the market for a GOOD camera. I'd really like one that has a video mode. Still pics are my fave...but there's nothing like hearing what your voice sounded like when you were but a wee elf and obviously its all for them anyway. Uncle Buck and JB...i'm relying heavily on your opines here...feel free to email me your takes on what i need for quality Annals of the Kings.

I'll leave you with our annual decorating soundtrack...

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