Wednesday, October 28, 2009


This time of year is always fun for me. So many things are going on that make me remember some very, very special days. First, as previously described, Oct. 27 is our anniversary, that is ALWAYS a good day to remember. Since that day happened to fall on the same day the World Series began in 2001 (Yankees vs. Diamondbacks) the beginning of the World Series always brings back those memories too. We went to sleep every night watching (using that term somewhat lightly) that Series on our honeymoon. I despise the Yankees. So any team that gets over on them is fine by me.

Then, tomorrow being my birthday...the memories go back a bit further still. I've always thought October was a very cool month, figuratively of course. When i was a kid, it was the month when the new toys started being advertised for Christmas, so i got a inside track to a very cool new toy hot off the press for my birthday (actually OBTAINING such was the difficulty).

Fall has forever been a wonderful time for me...the precursor to Winter...and i do loves me some snow...always have, always will. Denver getting POUNDED today doesn't help my appetite. But, as fragmented as my thoughts are right now...i guess i just wanted to say...Fall/October/Anniversary/Birthday/World Series just makes me glad to be here breathing the crisp, smoky, leaf rained air...THANKFUL TO BE ALIVE with such family and friends that the Lord has so richly blessed me with!

I know i'm all over the road today...but...ITS MY LIMBO DAY AND I CAN BE!

And just to go off into the ditch and out into the field...we're having hobo dinners tonight...wanna come?


Buck said...

Fall is my favorite season as well... for many of the reasons you mention, if not all. But winter? Not so much. The only places I wanna see snow is on teevee and in the pages of NatGeo.

I should be by tomorrow to wish you a Happy Birthday. But... if Fate should intervene, I should do it now: Happy Birthday!

Anonymous said...

Oh, promised land and me still standing, it's a test of time, it's a real good Jay, my favorite SIL, who is ONLY in his 40's - you haven't begun to test time - HAPPY DAY MY DEAR ! Honey

The Friendly Neighborhood Piper said...

Thanks Uncle Buck...fate needs to treat you right until at least i can treat you to a tall cold wheat laden beverage.

Honey...i do loves me some JT...and i do loves you!