Tuesday, August 25, 2009

So...you wanna...

Text while driving? OK...well...prepare yourself for a ticket akin to a DUI. What? You haven't heard? Folks...it's coming, and it'll be a whole lot easier for an officer to prove you were texting than if you were chemically impaired. The law will pass at some point. As for me? Yeah...i've done it...but those days are over. The Queen and i both have handsfree headsets and they work very well. If you text while driving...i suggest you stop.

Here's the issue...i have a very good friend, basically a brother to me and my family, who is the Assistant District Att'y here in our county. I called him today and asked him what the penalty was on providing alcohol to a minor. My point being that we will not give alcohol to minors because of their irresponsible actions tending towards driving after they've consumed it. But we have no problems giving a kid keys and a cell phone with the ability to text their little brains out while driving. Let alone the adults that think they are good enough drivers to get away with it.

The discussion led to points of involuntary manslaughter vs. negligent homicide. Involuntary manslaughter carries the heavier felony charge while negligent is still a misdemeanor. He said that he would push for the felony if someone was killed due to the negligence of a driver texting while driving causing an accident.

Here's a little PSA from across the pond to illustrate in good graphic detail, the consequences of the risks involved...


Anonymous said...

Wow, that really opened up my eyes. I admit I'm guilty of texting and driving but no so much anymore since I've had Sicily. And if I ever do, I have this thing where I never text when I see on coming traffic coming, but seeing that I don't think I'll be doing it at all. What's scrary is the other drivers on the road!

Steph T. said...

Howdy! Yes...I jumped into the blog world back in Jan. Like I need something else to do! But I really enjoy it. Now I can secretly stock you on your blog...:) Just Kidding! Cute fam! Hope all is well for you!