Wednesday, August 19, 2009


I still remember the first time i saw you. I was waiting for you to get to Erin's boyfriends house in OKC. Sitting in my beat up raggedy ass 1981 Ford Bronco that late afternoon, you drove up, got out and walked across the street about 30 yards in front of me, as i watched you... i believe were my words were..."Interesting".

About three months before, i was in your supervisor's office taking a little break from my hellhole job. She said, "Hey...i know this girl, one of my new therapists out in the western part of the state...i think you'd like her."

My eyes rolled, why did everyone think it their job to find me someone? "Kat, seriously...i do my own work, i'm sick of dating, and even if i wasn't i never go blind."

"Well...ok...but...she's a really good girl...she likes sports...outdoorsy...she's from CO..." she let that last offering hang in the air like an eclair de la creme from the local bakeshop... i didn't bite...but i did savor the thought, and somewhat bluffed, "...great...i got a hospital bed to clean...later."

Good gawd if that girl was anything, she was persistent. Every time i saw her she would bring you up. After a couple months of it, just to stop the madness, and i'll admit...i was becoming a bit curous, i caved..."OK Kat...i tell you what, you give me her digits and i'll see what i can do." Her face brightened as she JUST HAPPENED to have your contact info with her.

I think i waited a whole...what...30 minutes or so after mulling over the possibilities. "I mean, what the ain't gonna hurt anything. Maybe she is cool, Kat seems to have pretty good sense about people..."
I punched the cell...

"Hi this is Tammy...sorry i missed your call but..."

Nice...voice mail...yeah, this is cool...what am i supposed to say here...uhh yeah, i'm, uhhh a stalker..."Hey Tammy, this is Jay...Kat gave me your number and..."

We played phone tag like three more days... and finally made contact one afternoon while i was unbusy in 'the hellhole'. After talking to you for about a half hour, i'll admit, i was relieved to a.) finally confirm that you were, in fact, a real person, and b.) to find that you were conversational, not talkative...but conversational, and there was a BIG difference in my mental book.

A month of off and on phone calls, evenings spent flickering out conversations in cyberspace on Yahoo Messenger coupled with sending nervous e-pictures...

uhhhh 'Here is a recent one of me with my bagpipes', or the one from you...'Here's me last Christmas with my new golf bag'...Golf bag? Hmmm, there ARE possibilities here. OK, so...checklist...she's very personable, self motivated, independent, conversational, stable, educated, she likes football, learning to play golf, she IS from CO, and from the pics...not hard on the all.


We had agreed on this fine February evening to go out, i had planned dinner at Abuelo's and a Blazers hockey game. I remember as I watched you go in the house preparing myself to go knock on the door and officially introduce myself, i thought...'What if..." (and the deeper significant end of the question...'she is it...?'

"Well dude...there's only one way to find out..." i am...nine birthday's into your life still wondering how in the...what in the...why me? What did i ever do to deserve this gift of someone so affectionately faithful, so incredibly lovely, so beautifully... interesting. But then, since we all know what little girls are made of, i suppose it fits that when those things on the rare occasion blossom into women like you...that's what Queen's are made of.

Happy Birthday to my Friend, my Love, my Bride, my Queen.


Anonymous said...

Ahh, happy birthday mama!

Auntie DeeDee

Bag Blog said...

Happy Birthday to the Queen!

Piper, you are a lucky man indeed, or should I say blessed? I tell Jesse, "You never know when Mr. Right will come along." But I pray that Mr. Right will know.

The Friendly Neighborhood Piper said...

MamaLou...i always have to laugh when some 24 year old (or younger) is whining about never getting married...i waited a couple days short of ten more years. And by the time i met The Queen i had finally made peace with singularity. Personally, i think Jesse is wise, she's not settling for Mr. You'll Do, (Lord knows there's plenty of that disease going around) and when Mr. Right does finally walk in the door...all the other pretenders won't matter.

Anonymous said...

Another lovely rendering....and for an oh so wonderful subject! Happiest of many more years of pondering what Fate fittingly brung together. Love you all,

diamond dave said...

Awwww... how sweet. Amazing how we always seem to land the keepers when we're not even looking, let alone trying.

Buck said...

Happy Birthday to Your Queen, Jay.

I seriously thought this was gonna be an anniversary post as I read through. It most definitely has re-post potential for that occasion, should you get lazy. :D

The other thing that struck me is the front-end of your courtship... with the IMs and the trading of pics. I'm thinking there are MANY like you out there these days. Or, yet another way to say "I (heart) technology."

man2followJESUS said...

a very Happy Birthday (belated as it is) to our wonderful sis! It never ceases to amaze me how God always knows the exact perfect person to match someone up with. He did it again when he brought you into brother's life. Thank you God!

Anonymous said...

Awww...that was sweet. I always wonderd how ya'll met. I remember the 1st time you brought Tammy to our house. I didn't know what to think. Jay....has a girlfriend!?! Are you kidding?lol But you two were made for each other. Tell Tammy I said happy late birthday:)