Thursday, July 23, 2009

The Recap...Reinitiated

OK so...we get back from the 'Reunion' and basically turn right around and head for sunny CO. Nothing exciting about the drive, except that somewhere in the bleak, starry skied westernetheregions of Oklahoma i almost bagged and tagged a 10 point buck with the front of was CLOSE. He apparently decided that playing chicken with a 2300 lb mass with a critical velocity of 70 mph would be a fun way to start his day...i assume he reacted the same way i did after it was over...slight nausea and tremors coupled with a cursory expletive or five. I must state at this point that i made record time...670 miles...10 hours. Not great you say...thats with 5 kids 10 and under...the majority of which are girls. Bring a little perspective now?

Sunny CO was exactly that, except about 20* cooler and one doesn't need a scuba tank strapped to the back just to go outside. The highlight of the trip was an early morning escape to Kennedy G.C. The FIL, the BIL, and was just beautiful. We all used the entire course the front nine and completely (respectably) made full use of "the Turn" and played MUCH better on the back. At the end of the round, the BIL was all thumbs up and smiles when a hit on the celly confirmed his FIRST teaching job at Aurora Hills Schools...we're all pretty proud of you Bro! Ironically enough, its the same school where his mom began her teaching career! He's excited, relieved, and somewhat overwhelmed all at the same time. He'll do great, he always has.

Friday night was weird, i couldn't sleep, and i'm not one who struggles to sleep, my plans were to get up early anyway and so...when 1:30 rolled around and i'm still tradin licks with the Sandman, i said, "if i ain't gonna sleep...i'm gonna drive." An hour later i'm hittin the north end of Colorado Springs, in Raton at 4:30, and Amarillo and donuts at 8. We met The Queen in Lawton at noon, ate at the Olive Garden and then on the way home...i finally hit The Wall about 10 miles from home. I made it, and went straight to bed after a 31 hour day...i'm pretty sure that was my version of 'The Longest Day'. I'm sure some of you service boys have done much more in longer hours but hey...its my blog.

Thats about it...

Just a quick note before the close... Yesterday, we had a Girls Day/Boys Day...the girls went with The Queen, the boys went 4 wheelin' and swimmin' at Junk Diva's. They come home with some girly things from their hunting trip, namely a Barbie Swimming Pool play set, and the ubiquitous Twister game. So, i'm out doing my fatherly duty of putting together/assembling/setting up the Barbie Pool.

First i get..."Daddy can you put Barbie's swimsuit on, I can't get it."

Lord, i'd much rather take it off. "Uhhh...sure." Pull, wiggle, pull, wiggle, stretch...yank, wiggle, there... got it.

A few minutes later..."Daddy, i can't get Ken's swimsuit on, can you help me please?"

Now, you should all know at this point, that i always look at Ken with the assessment that he doesn't look like he is really all that into girls anyway, so my first instinct is to throw him as far as possible. But, as a Dad, you accede and begin the process. All questions regarding my assessment are answered when one views a suitless 'Ken'. I'm snapped out of my violent reverie, by this...

"You're not really used to playing with Barbie's are you?" via HRHTDP.

" i 'can skin a buck and run a trot line'."

To which i got a suspended blow of the nose, a snatch of the doll, and she's off to the Barbie Pool. "Thanks Dad!"

Yeah...i think i need a little Hank...


Bag Blog said...

Dressing Barbie dolls takes talent and coordination - much more so than skinning a buck or running a trot line - any good cowgirl should be able to do those thangs.

The Friendly Neighborhood Piper said...

OK i'll admit...Barbie ain't no big deal, that girls got more curves than nine miles of bad road...its that "boy" dial.