Saturday, April 11, 2009

Today's pitiful offering... you're not doing anything this weekend and The Master's just isn't doing it for can run down to your local BockBluster and pick up one worth the rental price...finally.

Now i'll admit...i'm not a guy who watches ANY of those ludicrous 'oh-look-at-me' entertainment award shows, be it music, movies, sports, or my absolute favorite...the NAACP awards (what exactly would happen if there was a White Supremacy Awards?). But...The Queen does watch a few of them and therefore, i catch myself peeking on occasion. I endured a bit of the Academy Awards show not too long ago and there were a few movies that caught my eye. When one particular movie keeps getting mentioned and pulls in hardware like a high roller scrapes Vegas chips, one does tend to notice. So while i'm perusing the offerings at Hasting's the other day, i spotted the one that earned a bagful...Slumdog Millionaire.

I had been curiously optimistic about this one, so i slapped it down on the counter along with Bolt and Tale of know...for the kids.

Just so's you the reader know...The Queen has a habit...if a movie begins after say...7:30 and it doesn't have any Wolverine in it for her eye candy jones...anytime within 45 minutes to an hour she's having drinks with the Sandman. Of course there's always the inevitable question..."So, what happened?" And i give her some farcical tale and she drifts back off to wherever it was...she was. Slumdog Millionaire held her...i mean she was fixated to the'll admit...i was.

UNlike the one she really wanted to watch...Miracle at St. Anna. I sludged through that one the other had its moments, but overall, i do not recommend it. Though i do like some of Spike Lee's offerings...the boy just ain't cut out for WWII movie making...and isn't Band of Brother's chocolate style [you'll get that one if you've seen it]...not even close. Sorry, i digress.

Slumdog Millionaire...will i run out and buy it now? no. Will it go down in the annals of moviemaking as one of the greatest ever? no. Does it have a life altering message? Well, not to me. Is it worth a couple hours on a rainy day or an evening in front of the tube? Yeah...i guess...well...i liked it. Maybe you will too.

Bolt? was ok...i actually had a shot with the Sandman during it. Haven't seen Tale of Despereaux yet...but the kids liked it. Oh and...there's a new XMen coming out...Origins i think its called...we watched the preview the other night before Slumdog...lotsa Wolverine and all...looks cool...when it was over i had to remind The Queen to clean off that little bit of drool making its way down her chin and told her there were three other XMen movies we could watch...

"There's MORE?"

and...since this post was so pitiful...i'll brighten it up a bit with this...

big hat tip to Uncle Buck over at the EIP for this one...


Buck said...

Wow! Thanks for the linky-lurve, Jay. I wonder sometimes if folks actually follow links I post... and here it is: Proof! Cool.

Thanks for the movie reviews, too. I can't remember the last time I actually sat and watched a movie (prolly two years or so, about the time I wasted money on a DVD player that's NEVER used), but IF I feel so inclined... ya just NEVER know... I'll give "Slumdog" a shot.

Doc said...

Rented Slumdog tonight, but from the time I got home it was a call-hopping extravaganza, a veritable chainsmoke of telecon with never a sufficient number of seconds between calls for my ear cartilage to reshape itself. I'll get to it though, and I'll let you know. Thanks for the rec.