Monday, March 30, 2009

Quote of the Day...

Sam's has this Hershie's Brownie Mix. Its a pretty good trailhead. But, like i always say, followin' a recipe is like stickin' to the trailmap...them that get off the trail see the true beauty. So, as usual, i got off the a hurry.

See, i bought a half dozen or so of those big ole Ghirardelli 60% cacao dark chocolate bars...yeah...the big bakin' ones. So i cut them all up into chunks and threw 'em into the pot, the upright Kitchenaid crunched them up like a horse on a bag of sweet feed. After i poured that bucket of chocolate fantasm into the stone, i decided i needed another step off the road less taken...and slathered the whole thing with some soft caramel from the local dairy conglomerate...and into the coulinaire l'amour for a little...consummation.

The Royals watched the whole thing...i know some of you may disagree with that kind of thing but...i think its positive.

When i pulled them, and the kitchen filled with the scentual aroma...three sets of brown eyes turned to dark chocolate pools not unlike in Wonka's factory.

I tasted...they waited in rapturous agony...i contorted my face..."Ick! We may have to throw these out..."

Languishing and loud laments ensued.

I announced that The Queen would make the final decision... i plated the offering and set it before i explained the situation...ever so delicately she sampled...her nose wrinkled and she proffered, "Ewwww...i don't know...these are awful!"

Brightened countenances darkened..."But...MOM?!!! Can't we at least TRY?!!!"

I plated three more squeals of anticipatory delight...

Blazing eyes became lustrous at the first bite...placid during the ensuing forkfulls.

I looked at The Prince..."How is it Bub?"

"Iss ucky Daddy."

I casually stepped forward offering my hand..."Oh...well maybe i better take it then."

Gaze steeled..."Oh...i yike it!"

That, my friends, is the beauty of venturing off the beaten path...

I yike it too Bub...i yike it too.


Bag Blog said...

Hmm, that looks pretty nasty to me. I'm sure if you bring it over here some dog will eat it :)

Verification word: alesighh

Buck said...

Yup... that's one of the FIRST things Mom taught me about cookin': "Recipes are guidelines."

Doc said...