Friday, February 13, 2009

Go Army!

Last night The Queen and I are watching a show on what is quickly earned a 5 spot on the speed dial of the clicker...The Military Channel. So we're laying there watching a squad of American and Iraqi MOI troops getting hammered by a group of black clothed Al Qaeda demons. The good guys had stumbled onto an Al Qaeda training camp and it was horizontal lead rain til the Kiowa's showed up. Anyway, The Queen starts telling me about this outpatient she's been working with. He was wounded in combat in Iraq and was sent home for repairs. I don't know the details of when and how or to what extent but he sustained a head injury and his short term memory is horrible. I wouldn't say its Dory the Fish horrible...but close. She was saying that his wife has to shower with him because he can't remember if he washed his hair or used yeah, you could say its pretty serious rehab. And here's the kicker, this could all have been somewhat alleviated if not completely avoided had he received proper therapy soon after the injury. Cause when you're dealing with brain injuries the sooner you get them functioning the better, and that takes therapy. You wanna know the Army's answer to the problem? "Let's get him a Palm Pilot to help him remember stuff."


Seriously? Yeah...way to go Army, way to take care of the hero's...the guardians of freedom.

There's intelligence, and then there's Army intelligence.

End rant.


Buck said...

There's intelligence, and then there's Army intelligence.

Too true, and too sad. Godspeed to that young soldier.

Dawn said...

And so it is in the world today... May the Lord's merciful healing be poured out on this young man!

Bob said...

Sadly the Army is part of the Federal government. Despite the great people who serve, the Army is still has its share of bonehead bureaucrats.