Monday, December 01, 2008

The State of the Union Address

This was written in response to MamaLou's comment on the previous post regarding the state of College Football heading into Championship Weekend...

From my perspective, i don't think any of those victory's were a fluke. Texas Tech kept themselves in the game long enough to finally make a play to win it...Harrell put the ball in a perfect spot and Crabtree, being the incredible athlete he is, went up and got it, and was conditioned enough to break away from those defenders and score.

In October, you could see it as well as sense it...Texas just wanted it more than OU, it showed on the field as well as the scoreboard. Fluke? No, they just simply played better and had more desire at that point. Just like Tech did the night they beat Texas.

As far as being rated where they deserve...they were #2 (deservedly) and were beaten handily by #5 they fell to #8 in the AP...not too bad. Oddly, the BCS poll looks right, other than the travesty at #2 and #3, Tech holds the #7 position over Penn St.(11-1) and Boise St(12-0).

I still think Tech vs. Utah or Boise St. would be a really fun game to watch.

I suppose as far as what Tech deserves in their ranking could be answered by this...eeking out a W in Waco does not bode well for rankings. With that in mind, taking Oklahoma and Texas out of the equation (since that has already been proven) do you think they could beat Alabama, Florida, USC, Penn St. or Utah?

I think any of those would be good games, though i do think the first two would prove too much for Tech, USC and Penn St. would certainly be a great barometer of where Tech is at...Utah? i think Tech wins that one in a shootout. Ohio St.? that would be interesting.

So, in my estimation, Tech is in a very favorable, and fair ranking in the present system.

I scream, you scream, lets all scream for a playoff.


Buck said...

I scream, you scream, lets all scream for a playoff.

Our new president-to-be thinks it's a good ideer, too. If you caught him on 60 Minutes a couple of weeks ago he said something to the effect of he'd "throw his weight around" (such as it is) to get a play-off system.

Still more empty rhetoric, methinks. ;-)

Anonymous said...

This cricket chirped on this issue in your previous post.
Big Bro

Bou said...

go Gators!!!