Tuesday, October 14, 2008

You said a...

Last night we were sittin' around like all good Southern folks do watchin' MNF. The Queen in all her infinite wisdom reminds me...

"Have you called your Mom yet?"

"OH $#%*!!!"

(I knew i was gonna forget when i reminded myself during the afternoon, "oh i will when she gets home so we can all be together to wish Grammy happy birthday".)

So i grab the phone and dial, desperately hoping they haven't already cashed out for the night at their usual 7:17pm bedtime.

"Hellooooo???" (Thank the Good God she doesn't sound just dropped off.)

We all sing in a fashionable (of sorts) unison with HRHTDP as the lead vocalist...

"Happy Birthday to you..." (you know the rest)

She makes the obligatory 'oooohs and ahhhh's' regarding the discordant tone deafness rampant in our family.

Pleasantries exchanged... each Royal getting their turn talking with The Esteemed One. Well shy one... the X-Man was nursing and obviously somewhat occupied, and he ain't much for phone conversatin' anyway.

HRHTDP holds the phone when The Esteemed One asks, "What's the X-Man doing?


"Well he can't talk right now, he's got a mouthful..."

That's all the birthday present the Grammy needed.


Jenny said...

Cool! Yesterday was my mom's birthday, too!! Though I didn't have any dramatic details to give, since I finally have everyone weaned. LOL!

Happy Birthday to your mom, anyhow!

Anonymous said...

There isn't any other birthday present this all American devoted Gramy would rather have than to hear those sweet little voices sing HAPPY BIRTHDAY to her. I never heard an off key note, but then what can one expect from a tone deaf Gramy. These are almost perfect grandchildren. The reason I say "almost" is because the blood that runs through their veins is that of their father. Need I say more. I love you, my Neighborhood Piper

Buck said...

Yep... Happy Birthday to your Mom, Jay. I'm glad you got the call in before bedtime!