Wednesday, October 01, 2008

They don't miss much...

After school was over today, HRHTDP asked for a snack due her, in 5 year old estimation, for her reading and writing performance. She did do well so i authorized the stipend.

As I began some lunch prep, she began her search. Perusal of the fridge in the kitchen yielded she elected to hunt the garage fridge and throws the door wide open. She found some strawberry yogurt cups and made her selection, in the process, the door slowly yet ever gaining momentum returned to the closed position, hunting the unwary hunter. It swung around and tagged the small of her back with a rounded corner of the second level door shelving. It was more startling than damaging.

On her return to the kitchen to locate a spoon she casually passes by and just as cursory..."Dad...that freakin' door hit me in the back."

I broke.

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Bag Blog said...

That girl is so much like you. Sometimes I do a double-take.

When you see yourself reflected in your children (especially if it is the not-so-good-stuff) it is an eye opener. It kind of makes you think more about walking in the image of Christ.