Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Saturdays... in the South...

No, it ain't the fourth of July...

OK, i know its been a week...i know.  We've had alot of changes.  What with Fantasy football starting and the end of fantasy baseball season (and i'm desperately clinging to a spot in the playoffs) a man has to have his priorities.  

(and in case you haven't noticed THE SOONERS are #3!)

School has started and now i have two in cut me a little slack will ya?!

This post will be a bit of a pictorial journey of the past couple here ya go...

The first pilgrimage of the younger two to The Mecca.

Boomer and Sooner before getting worn out from all the TD victory laps later that afternoon...

Guess who wanted a ride in the Schooner?

Ahhhhh! Nothin' like a beautiful day to break in the younger generation on the finer things in Oklahoma

And if this don't bring a smile to your ain't a SOONER!


Our chant rolls on and on!
Thousands strong
Join heart and song
In alma mater's praise
Of campus beautiful by day and night
Of colors proudly gleaming Red and White
'Neath a western sky
OU's chant will never die.

Live on University!

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diamond dave said...

You've just been meme-tagged, all the way from Jaw-ja, Bulldog country. Stop by my place for details and look for the post "Finish The Sentence".