Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Of garlic, and puke, and 3 year old poop...

Its a beautiful morning here in sunny CO. Cloudless, aqua sky...snow tinged mountain peaks, the fresh cleansing pine scented air...and... what's that? Do i detect...sniff, puke? Yep, nothing like a little Weimereiner breakfast rehashed to cause re-entry into atmospheric reality.

Hazel, Papa and Honey's Weimeriener, yacked the entire contents of her stomach on the kitchen floor earlier... must've been the bologna just didn't agree, i presume. So The Queen and i, accustomed to such
things, tag-teamed that little mission...i jumped in with the dustpan and brush and she shined things up with the paper towels...time out: 1 min. 37 sec. of not too bad.

Next episode begins a bit later...we are just finishing up a savory little breakfast of omelettes stuffed with chopped onions, bacon, garlic, artichokes, and lots of melty cheese....mmmmmm now THAT'S how to start a day at the Zoo! From the main floor bathroom emits a quiet yet plaintive..."Mamaaaa..." it was P2. The Queen, finished with her's goes to her aid, i'm still working on my succulent egg bag o' cheese in the skillet when The Queen emerges from said room daintily holding a pair panties with little yellow flowers and...well...fertilizer. But...strangely... it... was... dry...ewwww. Apparently, sometime in the night, the shadowy shart found a...eww. So at the sink she begins that time trodden process in which all mother's have endeavored.

I finish up the epicurean morning delights and have some leftover ingredients...mostly chopped garlic which i crowd the sink with The Queen to dispose of what i had...and her eloquence..."This poor sink, nothing like a little garlic, and puke, and 3 year old poop to start your day."

Ahh...a healthy dose of'll be good as new.


Dawn said...

another day, another duty and life goes on...
good to see you two rolling with the punches so calmly, cute post!

diamond dave said...

Well, that was a nice refreshing post! And if you care to whet your appetite a little more, come pay a visit to my place and my latest post. Not nearly as delectable as your leavings, but might make a nice little midnight snack. And by the way, I love garlic.

Buck said...

Bleach usually fixes everything!

I hope your day got better, Jay.

Course of Perfection said...

Love the pic of the youngest Royal with his guard.

Also, why are you guys keeping poop for 3 years?