Thursday, June 19, 2008

OK its Official...

My music engine Yahoo Music Unlimited is done...fini...kaput. Sure it was a subscription...sure we were paying $75/year for a music engine...but it was so...freaking... COOL! AND i had no less than 25 playlists on there with hundreds of tunes per. From Amadeus to Zydeco...i had it ALL! I went to cut it on this morning all ready for some Drift Away by Dobie Gray, some Van Morrison, some Wings...and what do i get?

"Your Subscription to YME has expired..." what the...? *BLINK*

"QUEEN...!!!!" Did YME not take $75 out of the Royal Treasury back in April?!"

"No, they never did, remember they sent you that email about it?"

"NO! I don't remember anyth...SUNUVA(break into expletive studded rant)..."

Come to find out, YME has merged with Rhapsody...which for all intents and purposes wouldn't be so bad...IF THEY HADN'T RAISED THE SUBSCRIPTION FEE ALMOST $50/year!!!! I can't justify that! Not when we've already got Sirius...which by the way...if you don't have...get it! Satellite Radio is SO FREAKING COOL!

So i guess i'll be in the Box with the rest of you Pandorales! I've alot to learn about Pandora i'm gonna miss that Music Engine was very cool.


Inquiries said...

At least you have fast internet!

man2followJESUS said...

I was using the free version of Yahoo Music until I ran up against the time limit and it won't play any longer. I then found MSN radio which just switched over to Pandora. It has been a good switch.

Course of Perfection said...

Welcome back to the box. Bo & I were just discussing this yesterday...the fewer seeds the better. Pandora encourages you to enter many song or artist seeds to get more variety. Sometimes that makes your station take a WEIRD turn. So, I believe it's better to have a few seeds, with many different stations. My 2 cents.

You'll definitely like the subscription fee. I'm all about free.

Buck said...

I agree with you, CoP. I have many one-seed stations, and create more yet that I don't save. Just depends on my mood.

The BEST thing about Pandora? It's FREE! (Not to mention waaay-cool.)

I think you'll muddle through, Jay. Right? ;-)

Jenny said...

I second Sirius with ya. I have it on my new Expedition. Even I can tolerate new crappy music if it's on Radio Disney. LOL! But my favorite is Prime Country. I won't even use the iPod when I'm in that car (though can because it just plugs right in!)

Can't wait to see pictures of the newest royal! It's been my experience that the 4th one really does rule the household. And I had just thought #3 was bad. LOL!

diamond dave said...

After reading this post last night I signed up an account with Pandora and I love it! Great to listen to random tunes while surfing or blogging. I'm a bit behind in the pop technology department, so streaming music on demand is a bit new to me.

Doc said...

Meanwhile, I'll be on the phone later today chewing a little Yahoo butt myself. Changed my billing card months ago, but keep getting messages saying they can't bill my old card and are going to cancel my service. Well no duh. Go online and everything shows as being set up for my new card. I told them to call me. They sent a number. I'm about to use it. If it doesn't work out, I'm going with iTunes. iFigure they'll be around for a while, since iStarted with MusicMatch, and they sold to Yahoo, and now you tell me they're selling to Rhapsody. I'm tired of starting over, and pissed at Yahoo's technical ineptitude in the billing and customer service dept. So, unless they offer some free months or something, iQuit.