Saturday, May 31, 2008


I was in the mood i completely gutted and cleaned the garage. Now, with a full couch, loveseat and oversized chair, we still have room for both cars and all the other miscellaneous crap a suburbo-garage can handle. I can't hardly wait for the big garage sale now. The Queen is currently going through all the baby clothes i brought in, and we are gearing up for a good Southern Saturday Extravangza.

Like a surgeon extracting shrapnel from a soldiers arse...i took my time. Everything but the fridge and deep freeze got moved and swept or blown out (man do i ever wish we woulda had a backpack leaf blower growing up, that 40X60 barn woulda taken no time at all). I used up all of about four hours of the afternoon, and thanks to that northern breeze it was at least bearable in there.

Long about the time i'm wrapping things up, HRHTDP and P2 came in to inspect my work...

"Wow Dad, it looks beaufiful in here!"

"Yeah, Dad, beautiful." Feet shuffle. Nonchalantly...

"We want some ice cream." (Wow, shocker, they are already learning the hard sell butter'em up technique).

" cream huh?" says i. Thinking quickly, how can i get outta this one...they've been playing pretty well for awhile they deserve a...oooooh yeah...easy. So i slide over to the fridge, and produce a couple frozen cherry pops.

Had i not completely swept and blown out the entire premises just minutes before, every leaf, bug, and dust particle would have been sucked right into two open mouths right then...I almost didn't have to tear the wrapping paper, they dang near sucked it right off. I passed'em out and even in the 90+ degree heat, they almost didn't drip.

Her Majesty announces, "Boy Wonder's aunt knows how to MAKE these!"

"Oooooh really, wow, she's got talent! I can make these too." i not so subtlely quip.

"No you can't..."

I stop what i'm doing, turn around and, "Uh... YEAH... i CAN!"

" can't..."

"Do you know what those are?"


"No, do you know what they're made of?


"They're frozen kool-aide..."

Her Majesty's reply was yet another vacuumous inlet of air.

"So...yeah...i fact, i was makin'em when i was a kid."

"Well, how long do they take to make, like a couple weeks?"

" a couple hours."

Quizzical look...

"Just long enough for the kool-aide to freeze in the freezer..."

Eyes stained teeth bear...gears turn....

Yeah...i think i might have earned some TGOO points today.

[TGOO is on Bou's blog, it's her dad...The Great Omnipotent One...i can only hope i get that way.]


Bou said...

I'm sitting here laughing. I'll have to tell my Dad about this. It always cracks me up when he gets referenced in a blog. LOL!!!

And it sounds like you're going to be making a lot of 'popsickles' this summer!!!

Inquiries said...


Junk Diva said...

You can use pudding for fudgecicles, or fresh peaches for fruity pops. You can also freeze soda pop, rootbeer ones are good. My grandmother made popcicles for us kids all the time, she froze just about anything, they were all good.

Buck said...

You need to score these points as often as you can right now...coz they're danged near impossible to score once the kids hit 13, or so. ;-)

Anonymous said...

... those sound quite nice.....


Half Pint said...

Oh yeah.. frozen pudding pops ROCK!!!