Saturday, May 03, 2008

Please come to Boston...

That is one of my favorite songs from...what 1974? The Dave Loggins version, to me, its the best. But, that isn't why i'm writing...though it does have to do with music and it certainly has to do with Boston...but not the town...THE band.

As some of you may or may not know, i've been a Boston fan since...since, well pardon the pun... but let's just say, its been a Long Time! I finally got to check one item off my Bucket List in 1995 when i saw them in Tulsa. It is still by far the best SHOW i've ever seen. Someday, maybe we can sit down over a cold brew and i'll tell you all about it if your of interest.

It was a sad day last year when the news reported front man Brad Delp was found dead in his home. He had one of the few iconic rock and roll voices of all time. I thought Boston, as a touring band, was finished...

Today, while on our own tour of beautiful Duncan, America...i was listening to the only decent rock station we can get around here on CrapRadio (since we have had Sirius satellite radio for four years, everything else is crap). The DJ started talking about Boston and how he had a double shot coming up of them but he had some news concerning the upcoming tour...wait, back the truck up...tour? TURN THAT UP!

Apparently, Tom Scholz' (the AUTHOR of Boston) wife was bumpin' around on the 'net a couple months ago and came across this dude's MySpace page who had uploaded some Boston covers. She was playing his covers and Tom walks by and says something like, "who put our songs up on MySpace?" She responded with, "it's not you, its some guy in North Carolina doing some covers..." Tom was like, "Look, i know Brad's voice, and THAT'S Brad." She said, "Well, you better check this out then." They end up flying Tommy DeCarlo up to Boston for a chat and audition. Already long story shorter...Tommy is going to be fronting Boston on their upcoming tour! From customer service at your local Home Depot to...stepping on stage night after night with B.O.S.T.O.N. Now, why can't i get a gig like that?

I guess Lynyrd Skynyrd isn't looking for a bagpiper anytime soon.

P.S. ...oh did you happen to catch that June 25th OKC Zoo Ampitheatre date? Yeah, don't call me that night. Cancel that request for a chiminea for Father's Day...i think i know what i want.


Rave said...

Oh, yeah, I will be there. Hubby and I already have our tickets....and a third ticket for Boy who will be driving us (just in case we cannot drive).

We're calling it the 'Party Bus' and gathering friends to come too.

Behind Steve Miller, Boston must be my favorite band!

See you there!

Buck said...

oh did you happen to catch that June 25th OKC Zoo Ampitheatre date?

One of the BEST venues I've ever had the pleasure to visit. TSMP and I saw Stevie Ray and Annie Lennox there, just to name two out of the many acts we saw. Dunno how much it's changed in the past 20 years, but you used to be able to take a cooler, etc., in with ya. That may have gone by the boards in this day and age, tho...

Cool story about DeCarlo.

Anonymous said...

Count me IN on that trip. I'll buy a ticket.
Big Bro

The Friendly Neighborhood Piper said...

Rave: COOL! we'll have to use it as a blogmeet!

Uncle Buck: Please...don't laugh or think ill of me, but...i saw Kenny G there in '96. And yes, its a fantastic venue still.

Bro: Sweet! I will hold you to that!