Friday, May 09, 2008


This morning was spent in the figmentia of a Caribbean trawling expedition where the girls hauled a beach basket around the pool catching plastic sharks, lobsters, and other various fish. Occasionally, they would have to dive down to discover sunken treasures in the form of submerged multi-colored dive sticks. Surfacing with their fortunes and smiles placing them like priceless pieces of eight in the basket. The Prince after bobbing around in the pool for about an hour contented himself with sailing a small blue and white skiff along the edge of the pool.

Noon finally drew them out of the deep blue and the pangs of hunger called us all to the nearest Subway. While i waited in the ever extending line they selected a table and sat there giggling and wiggling but otherwise very well behaved.

"Do you guys want monkey brains or spider guts on your sandwich?"

"Eeeewwww! No Daddy, that's disgusting!"

"Monkey brains it is."


"Just get the toys Daddy!"

"Oh so you want moldy eyeballs too?"

I finally get the makings and sit down at the table. HRHTDP locates the cookies immediately...

"You can have those after you finish your sandwich."

So they dive in again, this time instead of water droplets falling everywhere, it was crumbs from the Italian Herb and Parmesan bread and barbecue chips. Swimming a couple hours makes for a good appetite. A few minutes later she was giving me 'the look' again.

"Wait til they get through theirs..."

"Oh, Dad come on..."

"You'll manage a couple more minutes."

The other two finally devour theirs, i give the nod, and the paper around the cookies looks like wrapping paper at Christmas...

I hand The Prince his..."Coo-KIE!" yeah, he's got that word down cold.

A couple minutes of bliss, and P2 almost exactly half way through hers stops, pauses, and looks directly at me...

"Daddy, where's Mama's?"

"Well, she's working and she'll have lunch there."

"No, where's her cookie? Is that it?"

"No, this one is mine."

"Can i have that napkin?...Thanks...I'm saving the rest of this one for Mama...Here keep this for her, OK?"

"OK baby, that is very good of you to think of her." She is a very thoughtful little girl.

I finish my sandwich and start in on my own cookie...

HRHTDP eyeing me like a vigilant hawk perched on a fence post staking out a rabbit...waiting for just the right can see the gears turning...the wings open...

"Hey you like to share?"

Ohhhh...she's good. It's over before it started...

"Yeah...yeah i do."

"Wanna share that cookie?"


"MMmmmmm...i love cookies." She's such an opportunist.


Course of Perfection said...

"Daddy, where's Mama's?"

Okay, these are the very types of words that leave me blubbering. The love that moves this child to give up her cookie for her mother...that's powerful stuff.

Buck said...

She's such an opportunist.

Ah... I don't believe I've ever seen a child that wasn't so! But it's very clear to me that you and The Queen have taught them the song goes. Good on ya... both!

Sea-gal said...

Aah - another day in the magic kingdom! Hope they never outgrow the magic! :) Methinks you are a fortunate king. I hope you're saving these for an upcoming memoir book!

Dawn said...

Well that little girl is all heart! And I'm seeing where she gets it from too :)
Did you guys get the pool up already?? If so you beat us to the draw, ours gets put up next weekend.
I hope

campfire stories said...

you have to admit she's a thinker and like dawn said she's all heart.

The Friendly Neighborhood Piper said...

Jewels: its alot of fun to be there too. Coincidentally, we just read a story a night or two before about a couple little girls who spent their saved piggy bank money to buy their grandma a ticket to visit them and their mom. I'm pretty sure this had nothing to do with the story but it kinda reminded me of it. P2's just like that.

Uncle Buck: Well we're sure trying, and from the feedback we're getting...the effort is paying off.

Calypso: That is kinda my thought process on the Journal part of the blog. This way if anything ever happens to the computer, i can always access all this info, as long as Bloogger never blows its nose.

D2D: she's a pretty amazing little girl. i know this will come as a shock to you, but when they play "house" P2 is always the "Mom". no pool yet, i'm thinking sometime this week though, after yesterday!

LawnBoy: Good to see ya back in the Blogosphere.

Bag Blog said...

I love to watch little pieces of the personality puzzles coming together.