Wednesday, May 21, 2008

American Libel...

To say that we are American Idol junkies would be a clear overstatement. We enjoy watching the show and have for...probably 5 seasons now. Sure, there have been times when i was shocked at who went home, Daughtry being the biggest of them all. But for the most part, i usually pick the one i want and they usually get pretty far, if not win....normally, its fairly obvious, this season being no exception.

Its a pretty cool show for all intents and purposes. If the producers would get rid of the "judge" in the middle, put someone qualified in that position, the ratings would probably elevate somewhat, and if not, at least the cogent analysis of the contestants would.

The final show tonight was, IMO, simply...horrendous. They got two things right... namely, having ZZ Top on, and secondly the eventual winner was the right one. What in this crazy world were the producers thinking??? Bryan Adams was ok but...Bringing back every 80's semi-talented (and there weren't too many of those in that decade within the genre) artist for their big finale? And the Partridge Family montage's are getting absolutely sickening. The AI Tour comes through OKC this you think i'm gonna spend our hard earned cashe for Brady Bunch-esque entertainment scenes? Insert stream of expletives here followed by a firm NO!

During the quality part of the show tonight...when Billy, Dusty, and Frank were jamming with David Cook to "Sharp Dressed Man", HRHTDP looks at me and says, "Do you like that hairy guy?" I just nodded and kept wailing on my air guitar. The Queen answered her with "Ooooh yeah, he's cool! But, they shoulda did 'La Grange'."

And how in you follow ZZ Top with Graham Nash and Brooke White singing 'Teach Your Children Well'? I almost got whiplash.

Two words...George...Michael?

When they started that strident little auditory fragmentia of his bottle rocket career, The Queen so eloquently articulated..."If they bring out Boy George Michael, i'm gonna puke."

Thirty seconds later i think she threw up in her mouth a little.

And will someone please explain to me what in the name of Simon Cowell happened to our innocent little country girl from Oklahoma? She's starting to make Dolly Parton look like a chaste choir girl. And did you happen to actually LISTEN to what she was singing about? Stardom has its price and its apparently EXPENSIVE (or cheap however you view such things)!

Anyhoo, it was a relief when the confetti finally cascaded and Cookie was crowned. He was patently more talented than anyone else and it wasn't even close, well except for maybe Chequeasy...and the 12 million votes he won by proved that out. Of course, if you were one of the old folks wanting Archuleta, well i'm sure he'll have a nice fat check waiting for him each week he completes a 7-day aboard the Norwegian Princess cruise don't despair. Who knows...give him a few years and a little more extroversion and he could be the next Tom Jones.

Cookie on the other hand...i see metal in his future, platinum colored, and lots of it.


RJ said...

Well, Piper, I agree with your whole post. David Cook has been my favorite from almost the beginning. I'm glad he won. I listen to Christian music and I think he would sing that very well. He sounds like Jeremy Camp and some of those kinds of singers.

I was thinking the same thing about George Michael as your wife was. I couldn't believe he actually came on. Paula crying while he was singing was so bizarre to me.

As for Carrie, I think she was the best Idol to date and, yes, I did listen to the words of that song. Seems every song she sings just gets worse and worse. From "Jesus, take the wheel" to "I don't know his name" or some such.

I agree also, that the middle judge has to go. I can respect Simon because he's at least truthful.


Half Pint said...

DAVID COOK ROCKS!!!! After ZZ top they should have ended the show.Except for the guitar hero commercial.....that was hot!

The Friendly Neighborhood Piper said...

RJ: OF COURSE you agree with ME! any rational thinking human would! Well actually, rational thinkers probably wouldn't be watching AI anyway, so what do i know.

Microbrew: I'm not exactly sure of the 'hotness' of the GH commercials but they were very entertaining. I know this won't come as much of a shock but Cookie won that one too.

Sea-gal said...

I agree almost 100% with your AI analysis - I did want Cook to win but I really did like "Baby Face" Archuleta too!

Double agree with you and RJ regarding George Michael -what was up with that?

Carrie Underwood? Getting scary.

Anyway, you're right, AGAIN, about "Little David" and probably the rest of the top five--they're pretty much set in - with 1 "dread"ful exception - !!:) (IMO)

RJ said...

Anyway, you're right, AGAIN, about "Little David" and probably the rest of the top five--they're pretty much set in - with 1 "dread"ful exception - !!:) (IMO)

Don't you just want to take scissors to that?

Junk Diva said...

HEY, I liked Jason. Also glad Cook won.

Course of Perfection said...

I'm used to being different. Jason was my favorite. David Cook gives me the creeps. Although I'm not surprised that he won. I can't say I'm sorry to be the opposing view. Isn't diversity great?