Tuesday, April 08, 2008


I'd say this makes it official. Since i now have qualifiable, undeniable PROOF that we have now unquestionably made the honored UNAUTHORIZED CALL LIST.

After putting the Royals down for the afternoon siesta, i decided to get some studying done for an upcoming test. Walking into the royal bedchamber i noticed the message light was blinking on the phone. I thought, "I don't remember the phone ringing today without me answering?" At first, i tried to delete it without listening thinking it had recorded a conversation between my mom and i when i picked up as the outgoing message began to play. Apparently, the program won't allow deletion without play, so i listened, here's what i heard in a tiny, quiet, and somewhat muffled voice:

"Hello?... Hello?... Jay?...It's me ______ (GBN1) Silence. End message.

Now, we've received calls before but those were answered and handled accordingly,
"______ does your mommy know your calling us?" To which i hear in the background, "______! Give the phone to Mama now!"

I actually feel quite honored to have made such a short, yet very distinguished list. Although its somewhat vicarious, i know she's not calling to talk to me, it's the Royals she's after.

But hey, its all about WHO you know.


Junk Diva said...

LOL!! What fun times you have ahead of you Mr. Piper. Great pic. of the girls, it lightened my heart.

Course of Perfection said...

Dat kidz got mad fone skillz.

Inquiries said...

I have been at Lou's when GBN1 has called. It makes me laugh so hard!

Buck said...

GREAT pic!

All my kids were/are boys, so I've never really had the pleasure. Well, check that. I have six granddaughters, but it ain't quite the same, ya know. Especially since four of those granddaughters are technically adults now...

Bag Blog said...

Okay, that made me LOL and the photo even more - it so captured their personalities.

Sunday after church when GBN1 wanted chicken and fries from the Grease Cafe, she also wanted to take her "friends." I can see Booboo and Crewcraw taking the herd of girls for a little grease next Sunday.

The Friendly Neighborhood Piper said...

Diva: Well, you should know from experience with those firecrackers you've raised...

COP: true that...she do.

I2: courtside seats are always great.

Uncle Buck: People have often told me boys are easier...so far...its not necessarily true. He's not harder, just different...mostly in a good way.

MamaLou: Herd is maybe a little tame for that group...you may need some extra drovers to ride point and herd.