Friday, March 07, 2008

Southern Fried...

I promise i'm going to get to Part II of the Best EVER but i got sidetracked on this and just had to post it. Just in case anyone ever asks this is my list of Southern Fried Rock... A to ZZ

The Allman Brother's Theres a reason they are first

The Black Crowes the new blood

Creedence Clearwater Revival ESSENTIAL

Doobie Brother's grew up on this

3 Doors Down If you don't watch another one of these vid's WATCH THIS may not like the music, but you will appreciate it more if you see the pic's.

Georgia Satellites no huggy no kissy

Grand Funk Railroad another one i grew up with

The James Gang yeah...

Kentucky Headhunter's i think i could hang out with these boys

Lynyrd Skynyrd when you look up Southern Fried Rock in the dictionary...

Marshall Tucker Band

Ozark Mountain Daredevils Oh yeah there's only one.

Leon Russell oh and a couple other pretty famous dudes.

.38 Special Got me through alot of card games in college.

George Thorogood B-B-Bad to the bone.

ZZ Top heh, where would we be without'em?

I know...only a few of you will probably really appreciate...but...its my blog.


Dawn said...

hmmm... searchin thru the memory files, I can connect to 6 of these but there's been a lot of water flowed under the bridge since I've heard them last :)
Creedence Clearwater Revival( one of my boys really likes these guys)
Doobie Brothers
Grand Funk Railroad
Lynyrd Skynyrd (who didn't listen to these guys???)
Marshall Tucker Band
ZZ Top
and that's it for me

inpassing said...

I've heard of a lot of them. Just like certain smells create memories in your mind, so does certain music. Some of the names on this list took me down a lane in my memory that belongs to my "former manner of life". The places it took me to, the people I associated with, and the things I was walking in...well it's just not where I place my heart now!

Hope no offense was taken...those are MY memories and they are best left forgiven and in the past.

Buck said...

Ah... YEAH! Some friends and I drove down to SFO from Klamath Falls, Oregon in the waaay-back for a New Years concert by Charlie Daniels, the Marshall Tucker Band, and the Allmans... all on the same bill, and appearing in that order. This was in the early 70s (the exact year escapes me, but I think it was '73), and it was after Duane died, but the show was just freakin' spectacular. It might have been my ultimate concert moment. Ever.

"Eat a Peach" and "Live at the Fillmore East" still live in my car... and that's the highest musical compliment I can pay to any artist.

One last thing... Lynyrd Skynyrd? Feh. I saw 'em...twice... and was MUCH less than impressed. A few good tunes here and there, but they couldn't hold a candle to the rest of your list. Then and now.

Inquiries said...

I am ashamed to admit that I do not no more than 3 people on that list. I guess I will have to catch up huh.

Anonymous said...

Preach on, Brah! Got chills on the TDD vid...good find!

The Friendly Neighborhood Piper said...

D2D: some of the new bloods i wouldn't have expected you to know.

mrs. napkins: please, i should hope that you know me better than to think i would take offense to any of that...i completely understand.

Uncle Buck: ahhh now that sounds like fun! My ultimate concert experience, well...i was able to check off the Bucket List when i saw Boston in 1995. Best live show i've ever seen. Now with Brad Delp gone, they'll never be the same.

I2: uhhhh gee...lemme know...The Crowes, 3DD, and Skynyrd. You are on the other side of D2D...i wouldn't have expected you to know the Old Guard.

Dawg: you did better than i...i had to brush a few away...and SOME would say i'm not patriotic. [and NO Ash, that is NOT a dig at you.]

bestfriend said...

I know most of them,but not all by heart, it is because I'm a music researcher, once in a while I bumped to their biographies and albums through various music sites.

The Black Crowes - She Talks to Angels, nice song!

3 Doors Down 's When I'm Gone has almost the same intro with "Here Without You" which is one of my favorites.

GFR - Nice Drum intro.

Kentucky Headhunters - Dumas Walker, I just finished the video download!!!

Lynyrd Skynyrd - I have some of their CDs here, but never had a chance to listen to them much, just only now seeing them perform live, GREAT!!

"Song For You".. Once of the songs which I am considering "STANDARD" already, maybe because how well I know this song is.
But I like most the one that Ray Charles did, the Piano, really amazing!
But we should be thankful to the one who composed it, and did the first recording.. Leon Russell pf course.

Michael Bublé have his own rendition too. I like that Crooner.

I can say have nice set of ears there...Great choice of music.
It would not be boring if i'll let you become the DJ if where in a car, and will be a lot of fun instead.

Thanks for sharing!!

Doc said...

Aw dude! Burn a playlist with a favorite from each and bring it along when you come out for your jump--be sure to include the one you want as the sound track for your video! But dont expect to take that playlist CD with you when you leave. ;-) I know 'em all. Growing up in NC, what would you expect? China Grove was my ringtone until I upgraded to the Treo. Dude! Awesome list.

Doc said...

Had to link you bra.

Inquiries said...

You're right Jay. I also know Leon Russell ( not my favorite) and ZZ top.

Anonymous said...

Some seriously awesome music on this list. Big Bro probably introduced you to alot of this. ROCK ON!
Big Bro

The Friendly Neighborhood Piper said...

Friend...nice to see you here again.

Doc: its always kinda weird to get linked...a sense of accomplishment...its just cool i guess. Glad you enjoyed. i got one more coming your way...i'll post it at your house.

I2: Leon ain't much to look at and some may not like his voice much but the man can WRITE.

Bro: Namely...the Doobs, Grand Funk, and ZZ. I still remember diggin' through your black box, puttin' on those headphones and spinning up the volume..."Well the sun comes up on a sleepy little town, down around San Antone..."