Tuesday, February 19, 2008


Last night HRHTDP comes into the Royal Bedchamber around 1:30 crying...she said, "I'm not feeling good..." so she climbs in and snuggles between us. Not long later, The Prince comes in. He's just looking for something warm to get next to since HRHTDP left and P2 has a tendency to find her own little corner of the bed.

So i take him into the living room since the bed was getting a bit overcrowded. When i left, this basically one way conversation took place between The Queen and HRHTDP...

"I can't sleep because i don't feel very good..."

"I'm not feeling very good because my blood pressure is up..."

"I think my blood pressure is up because i'm not eating very well good food..."

After getting The Prince down for the count, venturing out in the neighborhood to put a BB close enough to a barking dog to make him think again (which is an entirely other blog in itself), i finally made my way back to bed around 2:30. Where that conversation was relayed to me...My initial thought was...You're eating better than probably 90% of the kids in this town..."You're eating just fine, now try to get some sleep."

She did, we all did.

So this morning before leaving for the Dr.'s office where we are going for P2...HRHTDP informs me...

"We should probably take those snacks that Aunt DeeDee told us about..."

me: "Oh...which would those be?"

"The salty crackers and the green Coke...it will make us feel better."

me: "The grrreeen coke?"

"Yes, and we can dunk the crackers in our soup."

Somebody help me out here...i dropped off the boat somewhere around 4:30 this morning and haven't managed to climb back in yet...


Anonymous said...

Huh, She is probably referring to the Jameson Irish Whiskey in your cabinet.
Big Bro

Inquiries said...

Sounds like an interesting night.

Bag Blog said...

You may have to start calling her the drama queen (or princess). I vote for the salty crackers, but will pass on the green coke.

Anonymous said...

This is mama's interpretation of "green coke".....Sprite or 7UP since that's what I usually give her when she has an upset stomach and she doesn't get it on a regular basis thus her not knowing it's name. I've chuckled all day about her comments last night! Where did she pick up that stuff about blood pressure?

The Queen

Kris, in New England said...

Kids do say the darndest things, don't they..they listen even when we think they aren't.

My nephew used to put his hand on his forehead and walk around the house saying "oh oh, i got a headache, i need a pain reliever". He was about 3 at the time - he's 32 now.

Dawn said...

sweet and memorable! I love theses kinds of stories

The Friendly Neighborhood Piper said...

Bro: She knows better than that, she would choose the Creme de Menthe over the Jameson any day...it goes better with hot chocolate.

I.I.: you don't know the half of it.

MamaLou: the green coke had me fooled til The Queen pulled the veil.

Kris: that's a keeper of a memory right there. Nice recount.

D2D: that's why i writes'em...so's i can recollects'em.