Friday, January 18, 2008

The Scotsman...

MamaLou (my blogmom) has inspired me yet again. If you didn't know she and PapaToby are in Aberdeen, SCO (aaaaach! ta be withem!) and she's been sending me some pics and posting more on her site, simply...beautiful. I can see why the ancestors wrote and sang so many songs aboot et. Anyhoo, speaking of's one i've heard at every Scottish festival i've ever been to...and if you haven't heard it, its worth a listen. Better grab a kleenex or something to dob the eyes.

The Scotsman

I thought this was an appropriate follow-up to yesterdays subject song matter.

(I'm not sure if this will play on RealPlayer or anything other than Windows Media Player, which you should have standard if you have a Microsoft based system, just click the link and it should load automatically.)

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