Thursday, August 30, 2007

Morning has broken...

This conversation took place this morning. The Queen was in the bathroom getting ready for work and Princess #1 comes stumbling in...

"What are you doing up so early?"

"I was pickin' my nose."

"Did you have boogers?"

Head shake..."No."

"Oh, you were just checking to make sure you didn't"

Nod. "Yes."

Ahhh, nothing like a good cleaning of the bat cave to start the day. At some point last night, Leah had come into the room and lay down with The Queen, i had gone to sleep on the couch. Of course, in typical Princess #2 fashion, by the time dawn hit she had turned perpendicular to the Queen and the angles intersected somewhere in the Queen's rib area. When i came into the room and saw her laying there, i noticed a familiar sleep pattern. She was laying on her stomach, both arms tucked neatly underneath her, legs straight out with her feet crossed over one another. It was a favorite way of mine to sleep when i was her size. When checking on the Prince, the Queen discovered that he had accomplished the art of completely covering his head with his blanket and had sprawled out to a point to which he was taking full advantage of the space his crib offers. She made the comment, "I always had to have a hole for some fresh, cool air." Yeah, me too. Apparently, he has no such prohibitions regarding his sleep. As you can see from the picture, he also is not inhibited by said cave bats. Such is the life of the Kingdom in the morning. This Saturday we are planning on going up to Norman to tailgate at the OU/North Texas game with Uncle Mike and Auntie Kelly. Should be alot of fun and many picture opportunities.


Bag Blog said...

A few things you might not know about me: I sleep on my stomach with my hands at my sides or under me and my feet crossed. Barkers are known for their booger picking, and I attended North Texas for a short time. Now you know!

the friendly neighborhood piper said...

Wow, will the commonalities never cease!? From a psychological standpoint, you sleeping on your stomach presents an oddity to me. Most stomach sleepers are introverts. I didn't know you barked, and as for the booger picking, well i'm sure we're all experts when no one's looking, except my wife, i don't think she ever does it. I never took you for a Mean Greener. Red Raider, yes, but NTU, that was a shocker.