Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Failure to Launch

No, i haven't seen the movie, and no, i really don't want to. This is more of a confessional than anything. I originally began blogging to ascertain that what i was writing would be safe if my computer ever went down. Well, it doesn't really matter the format IF I DON'T WRITE!!! I've missed alot of happenings around here and failed to write them down. So this is a re-start of sorts.

Yesterday, i was holding Madison after she had gotten up from her nap and was still in that sleepy state and needing a lap to wake up in. I looked at her all sprawled out in my lap and remembered the early days when she would actually fit. This is Madison at 3 months old, laying on one of our favorite blankets made by Jesse when Madison was first born. All of our children have played on it and its been one of those things that we have never told her just how much we love it and will always keep it until one of ours needs it for one of theirs. Thankyou Jesse, its come in handy for so many precious pictures for us. Now she's almost 4 feet tall and becoming more little lady-like everyday. Last night, after Mama had put them to bed, she came into our room and whispered to Mama that she was worried that she hadn't said the "Goodnight Prayer" right. I'm not sure what all was said but i do know that she was comforted and went back to bed. I went in later for the much needed nightly hugs and kisses. Madison saw me coming in and her smiled brightened into a nightlight of its own and when i sat down she said, "Daddy, i missed you tonight" since i had been doing some work at some friends house most of the evening and had missed the nightly Dr. Seuss, so we held hands and prayed and sang a couple songs and everything was at peace in her world again.


Bag Blog said...

I think about Madison laying in her room while we painted the mural and stopped to play with her constantly.

That is a great quilt made by Jesse. She has not made very many lately, and I miss that. But our daughters grow and change, and we love each stage and deal with those stages as they happen.

Have I told you lately how much I appreciate you and your family. Your being there for Bo is very special to me. You have a great ministry with the young couples. You are a tie that binds. I love you, Jay.

the friendly neighborhood piper said...

Funny, the greatest compliments always seem to come from humble sources. Thanks, MamaLou you all know the bond is mutual.