Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Daily Dose...

A couple things were said today that deserve documentation. Obviously, if it's worth writing i'm merely quoting so let me frame it up.

It's late morning and i realize that i haven't changed Princess #2's diaper yet, which normally is a critical mistake where the furniture is concerned. Now that we've got three years old locked in the crosshairs, diapers are becoming...shall we say...vexing. So i, by decree (since i am King), commission her to secure a fresh hiney cover. We've been making subtle proposals to try to instigate a more responsible protocol in this basic process. Let it be known that NONE of our appeals have wrought even so much as a bat of an eyelash. Yet, a glimmer of hope dawns the somewhat distant horizon. Upon her triumphant return she announces, "Daddy, i think i'll go peepee in the poddy next year."
Forthwith the King's reply, "Oh, next year, huh" somewhat wistfully. Princess #2 looks to the top right corners of her eyes like a seer looking into the future announcing, "Yeah, next year." Reminding me of my longtime battle with procrastinations warcry "Why do today what you can easily put off til tomorrow!"

Later in the afternoon we are making preparations to go out to eat and then to church. I decided to get the girls dressed up a little since Princess #1 had been begging me to let her wear some of her new gear she received for her birthday. Her patience is rewarded and after all the preening is accomplished, i resolve that it would be a good time for a couple pictures. I sit the girls on the barstools and while getting some things together for the photo op, this conversation takes place between the Princesses...

"Hey, Leah!"
"I'm a big girl now, you know why?"
To which she gets a quizzical look from Princess #2.
"Because i have booby frames like Mama." where she proceeds to pull down the front of her blouse, revealing a small portion of her chest, "See my booby frames!"

Forget the mind of Minolta, the mind of a four year old is enough for me.

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Bag Blog said...

I was going to say something about the potty training, but then the "booby frames" totally blew my mind.